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'90s Heartthrob-Turned-Spiritual Leader Busted For Kombucha (Really)

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We can't make this stuff up. Remember that "non-denominational, spiritual community center" that '90s moviestar Andrew Keegan co-owns in Venice? Well, it just got busted for the most LA thing, ever.

Our sister site Curbed reports that "during a fundraiser for a marine conservation nonprofit called the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, undercover ABC agents confiscated 'several containers' of kombucha, a bubbly fermented tea made from a gross mushroom that is known to contain a very small percentage of alcohol, and cited the spiritual group for selling booze without a license."

Although a Full Circle spokesman says that serving Kombucha is "part of our spiritual practice," and that "Kombucha is something we'd never imagine to be an illegal substance, and it's frustrating the system has that perspective," Keegan's temple was still hit with a misdemeanor citation for hosting alcohol sans license.

Take a peek inside the raided meditation event on Instagram here. Andrew, we have two words for you: Keegan's Kombucha.

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