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Avoid Annoying Post Office Lines With This New Shipping-On-Demand App


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We've all been there: you innocently show up to the post office or other courier to ship a package and find yourself in the longest line, ever. You wait for what seems like hours, scrolling Instagram until your fingers are numb, only to finally reach your turn and find out that you forgot the tiniest detail that is apparently essential to your shipment. UGH. If you, too, just can't be bothered with this age-old routine, an LA-based app is here to simplify the process, big time.

Launching today, Shyp picks up your items, packs, and sends them anywhere in the world using the lowest cost, most reliable option. Simply download the app and take a photo of what you want to ship and a Shyp courier will arrive within 20 minutes to pick it up. (See what you can/can't send via Shyp.) The app is currently servicing all of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, in addition to parts of Downtown, the Financial District and Pico-Union.

The process will set you back an easy $5 service fee plus shipping costs. Since all Racked LA readers are VIPs in our eyes, here's an exclusive deal: score $20 in shipping credits with code: RACKEDLA. Valid May 13th (today) through June 13th!