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Sustainable LA Label BreeLayne Is Inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Mira Duma

A look from BreeLayne's holiday collection. Courtesy
A look from BreeLayne's holiday collection. Courtesy

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Given the now-abundant options in the sustainability department, there's no reason not to dress for Earth Day on the reg. Enter LA-based BreeLayne, a new edgy-luxe label that crafts dreamy, retro designs from vintage and deadstock fabrics.

Designed by rising local talent and actress BreeLayne Ring, the brand already managed to tap LA cool girl Langley Fox to rep its first-ever collection of India-inspired holiday pieces. For fall/winter, the eco-friendly line merged Western flicks like My Darling Clementine with Wednesday Addams-worthy silhouettes. The result: cowgirl-goth leather dresses, fringe-accented blazers, rodeo-ready button-downs, and more pieces ($595 to $13K) made for anyone who doesn't follow the herd.

Available online and in LA at Church boutique, the label has already scored blogstar backing from a host of Style Scroll regulars (Marta PozzanCourtney TropShea Marie, to name a few). We sat down with the designer to find out what inspired her to create the line, why she decided to go sustainable, and more.


What was the "a-ha" moment that inspired you to start your label?

I've worked in the industry for many years and decided that I wanted to be and instigate the change I wanted to see happen as it wouldn't on its own. There are so many technological advances being made in the sustainability and eco-movement that I knew I needed to be apart of and help to shape the industry's conscientiousness in regards to implementing these crucial changes. In addition, I wasn't seeing what I wanted to buy as a consumer in stores. So, the combination of the two manifested into a sort of "a-ha" moment for me and the brand started from there!

Describe your brand's style aesthetic.

It can vary slightly from season to season depending upon whether it's a main collection or a capsule. There is definitely an element of youthful elegance, as well as edge and a quiet confidence. I love fabrics and they play a pivotal role in my line as the luxury market is so much about quality and construction. So, I often implement very unique textures from vintage fabrics with a timeless quality.


The label's fall/winter collection.

What made you decide to incorporate sustainability into your brand? (Which we love!)

It really is so great to hear when people resonate with our premise. It was always something I was fully committed to. From the beginning, I knew if I was to start my brand, it needed to give back to our environment and help shape the industry's perspective on luxury and sustainable brands.

I wouldn't have started my company had I not incorporated and embraced the sustainable movement. It's so important to be not only on the forefront of revolutionizing the sustainable movement, but to also incorporate my lifestyle into the brand, as well. Ultimately, because I am such an advocate for the environment, it seemed only natural.


Who are a few of your style muses?

I absolutely adore Miroslava Duma. She is always so effortlessly elegant. MK & A are, of course, such style gurus, as well as Audrey Hepburn who always was so spot-on in her style choices. I have so many style muses, so it's hard to narrow to just a few!

How does LA inspire your designs?

Because I was born and raised here, I think it has definitely shaped my awareness and implementation of sustainability. In terms of design, I think I definitely have this easy and effortless vibe that can be somewhat eclectic in various scenarios that comes from my upbringing. I traveled a lot growing up and continue to, so that really plays a colossal role in implementing various cultural influences in my designs, as well.


Who do you see wearing your pieces?

My pieces are for every woman. I want women to really feel empowered in my clothing and to want to make a statement whether that's by wearing my clothing as the statement or as their inspiration to then go and be daring and make positive impacts in the world. I am a strong believer in putting love and light into my work, so my biggest hope is that women reflect that same perspective onto themselves, others and the environment.