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Stock Up on Cool-Girl Essentials at Objects Without Meaning's DTLA Sample Sale

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Photo: Objects Without Meaning
Photo: Objects Without Meaning

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One of our favorite local labels, Objects Without Meaning, is for the ultra-minimal girl who can't be bothered with jumping all the latest trends. Instead, she follows her own style code, which is often simple, sophisticated, and filled with the classics, like denim. More and more fashion lovers are gravitating toward founder Alexandra Michelle's effortless point of view, which is why we're sure that this week's OWM sample sale will get packed fast.

Taking place at the label's DTLA studio from 10am to 5pm this Thursday, April 23rd and Friday, April 24th, the event promises up to 80% off on all of Michelle's past collections, as well as tons of cool-girl-approved denim. All sizes will be available, and cash/credit will be accepted. Roll through!

Objects Without Meaning Sample Sale

120 East 8th Street #201, Los Angeles, CA 90014, USA