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J. Lo's Fave Placenta Facial and More of Cali's Wildest Beauty Treatments

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Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

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Stars: they're not like us. While we're occupied trying to find the best pampering places that fit our budgets, celebrities are busy luxuriating in over-the-top treatments that are expensive, effective, and let's face it, totally eccentric. Here's we've rounded up four bizarre, California-based facials that Hollywood swears by. Let us know in the comments if you've tried any or plan to!

Where: Lancer Skincare (440 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210)
What: Dr. Lancer's Signature Placenta Facial is a world-famous anti-aging treatment. As the clinic's site describes it, "a protein-rich serum of placenta, stem cell and seaweed is applied to the skin via a saturated fabric mask. Then the Placenta Facial cream is massaged over the face, earlobes and eyelids, encouraging the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, revitalizing the cells, and providing intense hydration."
Who: Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardarshian, Harry Styles

Where: Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic (9975 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, 90212)
What: Here's what the clinic has to say about their famous Snake Venom Facial: "The main ingredient used in this Snake Venom Facial, SYN-AKE is actually not real snake venom, but a synthetic version developed to mimic the paralyzing effect of a temple viper's venom. When snake venom (SYN-AKE) is applied to the skin during the snake venom facial, clients experience a relaxing effect on the skin. The ingredients send messages to the muscle receptors not to contract, thus a relaxed "Botox" effect is achieved."
Who: Gwyneth Paltrow, Fergie

Where: La Prairie Spa at Hotel Bel-Air (701 Stone Canyon Road, Los Angeles, 90077)
What: The 90-minute Caviar Firming Facial is "true luxury with an unprecedented concentration of Caviar Extract, AHA's and unique sea proteins [that] will give you cause for celebration. This indulgent facial includes a Caviar Intensive Eye Lift Treatment and leaves your skin feeling transformed, lifted and illuminated." Price tag: $1,000.
Who: Although the spa is being tight-lipped about who has received this facial, we imagine there are tons of them, especially since Hotel Bel-Air is such an awards season hotspot.

Where: La Belle Day Spa & Salons (36 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, 94304)
What: Setting you back $185, the Caviar and Carat Facial "combines caviar ampule, replenishing honey, sea buckthorn and pure gold with ultrasound for increased penetration."
Who: Bar Rafaeli