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LA Holistic Beauty Guru Shiva Rose on the Power of Essential Oils

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We've been fascinated by actress Shiva Rose since 2012, when we first caught wind of her eco-holistic blog The Local Rose. Self-described as the hippie version of Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, the platform offers organic food recipes, sustainable beauty reviews, interviews with fellow health influencers (her latest with stylish foodie and Racked girl crush Sophie Jaffe is a must-read), and much more. It's incredibly inspiring and makes us want to stop everything and just zen-out in Rose's world.

Rose's rising popularity and focus on clean living inspired her to launch her eponymous beauty line, which features all-natural handmade products that are made to nourish the skin. We recently met up with Rose at Moon Juice in Silver Lake, where she revealed how she got into the holistic beauty game and debunked those silly rumors you may have heard about essential oils.

What are you drinking today?

Moon Juice's Green Shake made with green juice, frozen organic bananas, and unpasteurized almonds.

When did you first discover holistic health and beauty?

It was a long, long time ago! I was 25 and I just had my first baby. I had lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and scleroderma—the combo of the three was really taxing. I was told by a local rheumatologist that I had just one year to live; something about that just wasn't right. So, I went to a holistic doctor and he said that he would make me better within six months or a year. It took longer, but I recovered.

I had that struggle between western and non-western medicine. Look, I'm not criticizing western medicine; it's great for major surgeries and things that we desperately need. However, for preventive measures I think the holistic guideline is much better for the body, and better for our planet.

Holistic health is so hot right now. Have you noticed that it has become a trend?

Yes! It's funny, because even as a kid, I always gravitated toward nature and ate organic food. I was just kind of a weird kid, so I'm glad that now I finally have a community of people who think like I do.

You're actually the cool kid now.

[Laughs] I got into this lifestyle early on by eating organically, taking herbs, and reading books by Susan Weed. I drank teas for my hormones and researched how certain herbs are great for your skin. It was all very organic. Now, I feel like the world is finally embracing this lifestyle and it's not so strange anymore!


What inspired you to start your own beauty line?

One in three woman will get cancer from the products they use. You know, the FDA in America has no standards; most companies put so much chemicals in their products. They don't do that in Europe because Europe has far stricter guidelines. If you eat organically and then you slater on these products with harmful chemicals all over your body, it's just defeating the purpose. Your skin is your largest organ!

This is going to sound so New Age-y, but I envisioned my line while I was meditatingI practice Kundalini mediation. I was making my own oils at the time, and reviewing a lot of products on my blog, so I was getting educated that way. I started with the Rose Face Oil about two years ago. I had always made it for myself and for gifts, so when friends started asking for it, I knew it was time. The oils come from farms that I know and have personal relationships with. Rose is such a high vibration—it has the highest vibration of all the flowers.

Some people avoid beauty oils because they're afraid of breaking out.

That rumor was started in the '80s! It's actually mineral oil, which is man-made, that will make you break out. It's terrible for you. But natural, essential oils will never make you break out, unless you have a sensitivity or you're allergic, which is very rare. But oils like jojoba, sea buckthorn, rose hip are so nourishing for your skin. Let's put it this way: my daughter is a teenager and she was very worried about breaking out, too, but she's now a believer and uses oil-based cleansers and other products!

Sold! What are some of your other favorite products from the line?

Another bestseller is the Venus Body Oil, which is made with amber. I also just launched a Purity Rose Water. I love the Moon Rose Bath Salts, because it has frankincense, which is a very sacred oil.


Which holistic beauty gurus do you admire?

I love Linda Rodin because she's the pioneer of oils in our era. I've always liked Dr. Hauschka, too. I also like what Tata Harper is doing. Josie Maran is great.

What blogs do you read?

I love Pressed Juicery's blog The Chalkboard. I've been looking to even more hippie, left wing blogs to get inspiration because a lot of the information out there is so mainstream.

What are some foods and ingredients that keep you extra glowy?

Pearl powder has an excellent luminous quality; China has been using it for centuries. There's also something called He Shou Wu, which is an herbal tonic for your hair and make it look really glossy. Chia seeds are wonderful because of the omegas. Ghee and coconut oil just to give you extra good fats. Sprouted nuts, hemp seeds, avocados—there are so many.

What's a good starting point for natural beauty newbies?

Start with coconut oil. You can eat it, and it's great for inner beauty. It's great to take off makeup, it whitens your teeth, it's a natural sunblock, it's just so powerful. Make sure your water is filtered and clean. Also, eat organically because, sadly, our food system is poison. Eating organically doesn't have to be expensive, either. There are Farmers Markets all across our community. In fact, I recently did a test where I took $20 to the grocery store and $20 to the Farmers Market and I got much more at the Farmers Market. I should post that on my blog!

You totally should! Now, some random questions. Where do eat in LA?

I used to love Axe in Venice, but sadly they closed. I love Cafe Gratitude, and Cookbook in Echo Park, I'm a vegetarian but not vegan because I eat dairy—raw dairy. You know, I used to get raw dairy when it was illegal, which is crazy.

Where do you shop locally?

I love Mohawk General Store in Silver Lake and Heist in Venice. I love vintage, and supporting local artisans. I also really like what LA jeweler Jacquie Aiche is doing.

Last song you heard on the radio?

"When The Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin. I love them. I also love First Aid Kit and Kundalini mantras.

Favorite movie of all time?

Doctor Zhivago. I'm a romantic.

Last great book you read?

"Witch Light" by Susan Fletcher. It's about witches in Scotland, so good!

Do you have any fun projects coming up?

I'm launching those new beauty products we discussed, which I'm really excited about. I'm also making a new tea for The Local Rose that has beautifying herbs in it. And in May, I'm going on a trip called Spiritweavers Gathering—it's a magical occasion where all these like-minded women get together and teach classes. It's located in a forest up in Northern California and has a very goddess, witch energy. I like things like that. In fact, I'm going to do a line just for the trip called Spirit. As far as longterm goals, I'd love to write a book one day!

For daily holistic living inspo, follow @localrose on Instagram.

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