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New On-Demand App FitSpot Lets You Work Out Whenever, Wherever

Photo: FitSpot
Photo: FitSpot

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Not that we're advocating shady activity, but there are times when cheating isn't all that bad—like when you're in need of a quickie workout but your go-to gym guru isn't available. Enter FitSpot, a new on-demand fitness app that connects tech-savvy fitness fiends with nearby trainers who can come within as little as 30 minutes.

Launching exclusively in LA starting today, the app allows users to book everything from yoga to boxing and more for $59 a sesh, including at select gyms. Classes can also be split between two people for $70 or among three people for $90. We sat down with New York-bred, LA-based founder and pro trainer Jonathan Cohn to find out more about what inspired the app, his favorite al fresco workout spots, and more.

What gave you the idea to create FitSpot?

One day I walked into a gym and I saw five trainers standing around on their phones, and there were people on treadmills looking on their phones. I thought, all these people are working out and not being as productive or not necessarily having access to those [professional] individuals [who are] looking for business.

[I wanted] to connect the two people together but make it a seamless process. Many [trainers] have to work for gyms, and they can use the FitSpot platform to increase their client base.

What inspired you to launch the app exclusively in LA?

We're blessed with 365 days a year of beautiful weather. Not only can you engage in outdoor training, play tennis 24/7, run, or cycle, as a whole Californians care about fitness. You definitely can't do this all in London, New York, or any major European city.

Where are a few of your favorite places to sweat outdoors in LA?

I really enjoy working out at Pan-Pacific Park; it’s convenient, and I can run to it [from my place]. You see people doing yoga and strength training, and it almost reminds me a little bit of Central Park. It's right next to The Grove, so there's kind of that urban environment.

Griffith Park [also has] a decent amount of trails that are pretty cool; you get the views of the Hollywood sign and the LA basin. Franklin Canyon is also pretty cool.

What else can we expect from FitSpot?

We'll be adding a friends section, where users will be able to connect with friends, compare workout information. The idea is to create that competitive element both internally in the app and externally. We'll be integrating fitness analytics so we can provide pretty accurate metrics for competition. Camaraderie is another great way we can get people to [engage] using the app.

Dig it? FitSpot's hooking up Racked readers with $10 to try it out with the referral code Racked10. The app's currently available for iOS; download it on the App store here.