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Meet Beyoncé and Madonna's Favorite Nail Art Company, NCLA

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There's a reason why Nail Couture Los Angeles (better known as NCLA) has more than 150,000 Instagram followers. In addition to pretty much putting nail wraps on the map, the local nail art company is beloved by tons of celebrities, including Beyoncé, who teamed up with her longtime manicurist Lisa Logan and NCLA to create an exclusive collaboration last year. How many brands can say that they've teamed up with Queen Bey?

If that's not enough, Madonna's also a huge fan (no big deal), and next month, NCLA is launching its very own treatment line, making it a one-stop-shop for not only nail art, but nail care. Fascinated by this local brand's non-stop success, we recently toured its LA showroom with co-founder Elin Dannerstedt, who also gave us the inside scoop on NCLA's early days, claims to fame, bestsellers, and dream celebrity clients.

What were you doing before NCLA?

I was a sales director for a denim fabric mill. Before nail art made its boom, we saw a gap in direct-to-consumer products and decided to jump in! I love everything about nail art, it's so fun and you get to be creative and individual.

What were the early days of NCLA like?

They were really fun and exciting. I remember us working really long hours. It's hard to believe it was almost five years ago. Time flies!

Who are NCLA's key players?

I'm NCLA's co-founder and sales director, overseeing sales, product development, and social media. Daniel Roescheisen is co-founder and CEO, managing company board and business strategy and development. Rory Rockmore is creative director, leading brand image and design. Anh-Thu Dannerstedt is little my sister and my mini-me. She does it all; I couldn't work a day without her!

Approximately how many lacquers and wraps has NCLA produced to date?

I've lost count! We have probably had over 100 colors and over 300 nail wrap designs.

What was NCLA's big claim to fame?

There are so many! I am so incredibly proud of all of our collaborations, including Alice + Olivia, Glamour magazine, Hello Kitty, and Beyoncé!

Who was the first celeb to wear NCLA?

Miley Cyrus was one of the first.

Which famous NCLA fan did you recently freak out over?

Madonna recently wore our Leather And Lace transparent nail wraps at the IHeartRadio concert. To have an icon like her wear our product is so amazing!

What's the process like when naming your products?

We first come up with a theme of a collection, then all of us throw names out and we go from there!

What is your best-selling product of all time?

Our best-selling product is our Coachella inspired nail wrap "What Filter Should I Use?" It was an Allure beauty award winner last year, which I still can't believe!

What is a regular work day like for you?

I get in early after the gym and I usually have calls with our international distributors. We then have team meetings and then my day is spent answering and writing emails, organizing our team and making sure everything is running smoothly.

What nail trend are you over and which one is up and coming?

I'm a little over bedazzled nails. My favorite trends are sleek and chic nails.

Who would you love to see wearing NCLA that hasn't yet?

Lana Del Rey!