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A Celebrity Makeup Artist's Ultimate Brow Guide

Well-browed star Camilla Belle.
Well-browed star Camilla Belle.
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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Now that the state of fleek can finally rest in peace, we can safely kick off our first-ever Beauty Week with the topic that started it all: eyebrows. As the go-to maintenance man of beautifully-browed stars like Brooke Shields, Camilla Belle, and Sarah Silverman, LA-based celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman clearly knows a thing or two about being on it.

To toast his new line of brow-taming products (available at Sephora starting this month), we asked Freedman for his pro tips on keeping up our above-the-eye manes. Below, find out his latest celebrity eyebrow inspo, how to avoid Sharpie brows, what to know before you tweeze, and more.

Which celebrity brows are you loving right now?

Camilla Belle and Lilly Collins.

What's the most common eyebrow styling mistake?

Filling brows to dark with pencil or powder. This makes the brow hairs disappear into a flat, Sharpie-like pair of arches.

What's the most important thing to keep in mind when styling eyebrows?

Nature knows what it's doing. If you have very full brows, don't weed them away. If you have fine, kitten brows, don't fill them in too dark or full. Stay close to your natural vibe!

What is your favorite game-changing brow beauty tool?

Most gals can get away with just a taupe/blonde fill-in, even dark-haired ladies. A little 'shadow of definition' goes a long way when trying to make the brows a little more vivid.

What are your quick-and-dirty brow tricks for when you're on-the-go?

For fine brows, a tinted gel on the hairs goes a long way to make them pop a touch more. It's easy because you only darken what is already there, no creative shaping [needed].I never do a brow and not finish with brow gel. It gives polish and crispness. In a pinch you can spray a hairspray on a spoolie and brush brows up and out.