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Malibu Life and Antique Wallpapers Inspired Amanda Bond's Dreamy Line

Photos: Amanda Bond
Photos: Amanda Bond

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If LA's vintage vixens have inspired you to mix some retro into your modern wardrobe, consider taking that plunge with Amanda Bond. After lending her talents to Racked faves like Jovovich-Hawk and Kelly Wearstler, the New York-bred, Malibu-based designer combined her throwback obsession and beach-minded vibes to create her first namesake collection.

Comprised of hand-dyed silk separates, marble-printed jumpsuits, pastel linen pieces, and more styles in vintage silhouettes, the coastal-chic range ($160 to $775) was inspired by her love for Hawaiian antiques and glamorous seaside retreats of the 1910s to the '50s. (Fun fact: the designer even lived the dreamy island life after earning her degree in Art History and Costume Design.)

"I designed this collection because I have a vision of bringing beautiful, feminine dressing back to the beach," Bond tells us. "I want to create glamorous, chic and elegant clothes while still feeling easy, carefree and relaxed. I didn’t see anything else out there to fill this gap." Done and done.


The designer's spring/summer line is set to hit select stores this June, but fans can score Bond's pieces by emailing her directly here.

What inspired you to finally break out on your own?

It has always been a dream of mine to have my own collection one day. When I decided 15 years ago to pursue my dream, I knew that in order to do that I wanted to really learn all aspects of the industry. I was fortunate enough to work for some of my favorite designers not only as a designer but as a fabric buyer, as a product development director and in production. When I felt I had all the necessary experience to really go out on my own is when I decided to go for it and launch Amanda Bond.

I am inspired by all the companies I've worked for and have taken a piece of each with me. Richard Tyler taught me about construction fit and fabrication and how important that they all work together in an elegant way. Jovovich-Hawk inspired me with their homage to vintage silhouettes in a very feminine and authentic way. And Kelly Wearstler really gave me the understanding of truly looking at everything you see in the world around you, from the interior of a room with lots of print and texture to the colors of the landscape.


How does LA and/or Cali inspire your designs?

Living in Malibu is the best inspiration for my collection. Being by the ocean makes me feel calm and confident. To have the kind of sunsets we have here and how each night the colors are different is what inspires the colors of my prints, and the laid back luxury of this town is what inspires my designs.

Who are a few of your style muses, both modern-day and from the past?

From the past it has to be Jane Birkin for her cool whimsical femininity and Coco Chanel for her pure effortless elegance. My modern-day muse is Sienna Miller for her mix of just the right amount of sophistication with a splash of girlie romance.

What's your favorite print so far?

It's hard to choose my favorite print because all are so special to me for different reasons. I'm so inspired by the old marble papers from the 18th century, so the cloud marble print really encapsulates what I set out to do in representing them.