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Glam App Founders Cara Santana and Joey Maalouf's LA Faves, More

Photos: The Glam App
Photos: The Glam App

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Life just keeps on getting easier for LA's tech-savvy beauty buffs. The latest player in the on-demand beautification game is celebrity-approved The Glam App, a newly-launched app created by stylish actress and blogger Cara Santana and celebrity hairstylist Joey Maalouf.

Offering a full menu of hair, makeup and nail services from top-notch stylists ($40 to $120), the app stands out from the rest of the pack by operating like a "virtual agency," allowing time-pressed users to hand-pick a pro that suits their budget. Options range from fresh-faced beauty school grads (one year of experience), junior stylists (two to five years of experience), and industry vets (over five years of experience).

Below, get to know what inspired Santana and Maalouf to create the app, find out some of their favorite LA haunts, and more; download the iPhone app here.


What was the "a-ha" moment that led to the creation of the GlamApp?

CS: October 3rd I had somewhere to be, and no one to beautify me—and the idea was born! I wanted to create an affordable luxury beauty experience for all women everywhere. Initially, when I conceived the idea, I brought it to Joey, because I knew for this to be successful we had to have someone on the team who understood beauty from the stylist perspective. He was the one who created the idea of the "virtual agency" where it became as advantageous to the stylist as the client. And the idea grew from that.

How is GlamApp different from other on-demand beauty apps?

CS: As opposed to hiring and training a select team of beauty stylists, we encourage all stylists—whether you're emerging talent or quite established—to sign up. This way they can have direct access to clients, create their own hours, and procure work as a creative freelancer. Hence, the concept of the virtual agency. We also take a smaller commission, so that the stylist is able to reap the rewards of their work.

Joey, what's a quick beauty hack that you're willing to share?

JM: Add highlighter to your foundation to achieve a dewy glow.

What's your favorite spring hair trend that anyone can do in five minutes?

JM: Make your ponytail look longer by creating two ponytails. Section your hair from the ears to the crown of the head, secure the section closer to the nape with and elastic band, then secure the top section right above it.

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Now let's talk tech. What few of your personal favorite apps?

JM: Uber! I just don't ever have to worry about how I'm getting somewhere, no matter where I am, New York, LA, Paris—it's life-changing! And, Facetune—it's really fun to retouch my photos. Shhh don't tell anyone.

CS: Uber for obvious reasons, it really paved the way for on-demand apps. I also love Post Mates! I'm a real convenience gal.

Where are some of your favorite places in LA to shop, eat, work out, and relax?

CS: American Rag, Sunset Tower, Craig's, Chateau Marmont, The London [West Hollywood's] pool, and home of course!

JM: To work out, relax and unwind I love to go to Agni Yoga. The owner Ashley Cummings has the best energy. For shopping, nothing beats a good Barneys excursion and the beauty department is next-level, amazing. For food, breakfast at Cofax on Fairfax. My friend Hillary Kerr introduced me to it and I'm addicted. Hands-down the best coffee and breakfast burrito!