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Moon Juice's Founder Regularly Tests Her Blood, Takes 'Crystal Showers'

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Photo: <a href="">The Coveteur</a>
Photo: The Coveteur

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We're going to go ahead and call it: this is the year of Amanda Chantal Bacon. The LA-based Moon Juice founder and stylish health foodie is a mystifying, magical soul who frequently fascinates us with her cosmic concoctions (cue the Sex Dust) and hippie wisdom, which is why it's no surprise that fashionable lifestyle leaders like Gwyneth Paltrow are superfans, too.

Chic territory-exploring blog The Coveteur are also drinking the Bacon Kool-Aid; we rounded up a few key takeaways from their recent profile on the guru below.

She made juice sexy. "There were juice bars at Whole Foods, but this was just prior to the whole cold-pressed-juice-craze and that idea that juicing was sexy. Juicing was not sexy. Everyone thought I was crazy [...] But it really came from my heart and it’s what I wanted to be surrounded by. It’s what I felt like I would want my children to be surrounded by. And I feel like it’s what the world needs."

A bus inspired her shop's name. "It was early in the morning and this beautiful vintage bus came out of the clouds (basically) and it had this beautiful mural of a full moon in the night sky. I was just standing there and it drove by and I was like 'oh my god, Moon Juice!' Everything inside me was like, 'that’s the name'."

Her average day consists of blood and crystals. "I had 12 vials of blood taken because I actually experiment on myself for all the products we sell and make. I’m regularly testing my blood, my cortisol levels and hormones. I really nerd out to this stuff! I am the human crystal science experiment for all these herbs and I back it up with blood tests. I’m shooting a new cookbook and went into my crystal shower, hacked up some coconut for the shoot."

She doesn't always have it together, and that's okay. "There is no balance. I let go of that whole concept of finding balance because that was a little stressful."