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The Kitson/LAX Drama Continues

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Just weeks after Kitson called out Mayor Eric Garcetti for allegedly dodging their request to meet with him to discuss their problem with Hudson Group's handling of their LAX stores, the trendy retailer has a few thoughts on the recent resignation of one of their other targets, Los Angeles World Airports exec Gina Marie Lindsey. See below for an exclusive quote from Kitson director Courtney Saavedra.

For the last few weeks, Kitson has been appealing to LAWA executive director, Gina Marie Lindsey, her staff, the Los Angeles City Council and Mayor Garcetti to stop the water bottle price-gouging scheme at LAX that's being led by Hudson Group. Her surprise "resignation"—despite having a long-term contract as the highest-paid city employee in Los Angeles—is good for all LAX passengers.

Gina Marie Lindsey has ignored countless demands to investigate Hudson Group's price-gouging on water bottles purchased at LAX. She has even worked hard to prevent Kitson from offering LAX airport passengers bottled water at less than half the current price.

We are pleased she will be leaving her job because she hasn't worked to protect LAX passengers rom being price-gouged by Hudson Group.

The plot thickens! Wonder if Mayor Garcetti will take that meeting now.
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