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Ode To Jeune's Sustainable Style is For Mini Reformation Fans

The adorable children's line is (unsurprisingly) by a former Reformation designer.

Photos: Ode to Jeune
Photos: Ode to Jeune

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While Reformation crafts eco-friendly clothing for sexy adults, who will ensure LA's earth-minded style stars are appropriately dressed? The answer is sustainable local label Ode to Jeune (jeune means "young" in French), the adorable children's version of Reformation that just happens to be designed by the blogstar-backed brand's co-founder, Chi Bui.

Priced from $38 to $62, the made-in-LA line offers charming Cali-cool apparel for girls and boys made from reclaimed fabrics. Stylish standouts include this varsity bomber jacket (inspired by everyone's favorite monochromatic cookie), this ridiculously cute bubble dress, these easygoing plaid pants, and this very #RefBaby floral skirt. Jealous? Grown-ups have reason to rejoice, as Bui tells us she plans on offering womenswear later this year. (Also, can we please start referring to all pockets as "snack vessels"?)

Below, get to know the story behind the brand, what inspires its designer, which famous pint-sized faces she'd love to see in Ode to Jeune, and more.

What's your background, and what inspired you to start a sustainable children's line?
I started scavenging through only sales racks and thrift shops as a teen since I couldn't afford anything else and learned how to alter them from my mother, who's a seamstress. That necessity became a passion and lead me to LA to jump start a career in fashion. After many years of designing for Yael Aflalo, my love for reworking vintage lead me to [co-found] The Reformation.

I began reworking some denim jacket and sweaters for my nieces at the time, and I was also designing for Reformation and realized how much I enjoyed designing children's clothes. It was then that I decided I did not want to create trend-driven designs any longer. Instead, it's more about my own personal style, comfort, and with the core base of being earth-conscious with the materials used. I do still help source and design for the Reformation occasionally.

What inspires your designs?
When designing, I still create looks I would wear, but I make sure it's comfortable, kid-friendly, and unisex when possible. I get inspired by the fabrics I come across, vintage sillouettes and pictures, and classic Parisian style is always important.

In addition to the already stylish tots that wear your brand, what other famous pint-sized style stars would you love to see in Ode to Jeune?
Alia Wang, Harper Beckham, and Flynn Bloom with Miranda Kerr!

What's your best advice for styling little ones?
Be adventurous with their clothes, but keep them comfortable. Everything is much more adorable pint-sized!

When you're not busy designing, where are a few of your favorite places to shop, eat, and play?
I really enjoy cooking, so shopping at the local farmers markets makes me so happy! My favorite markets are the South Pasadena Thursday Market and any of the Venice and Santa Monica ones on the weekends.

For eats, I love tacos and recently found a taco stand at the corner of Pico and Fairfax that makes their own tortillas; it's a must-try! The chirashi bowl at Murakami and Sushi Enya are fresh and delicious and they let you make substitutions.

For shopping, My favorite flea market is the Melrose Trading Post; I always score affordable vintage clothing and furniture finds there.
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