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LA's First On-Demand Fitness App Brings the Trainers to You

Photo: Handstand
Photo: Handstand

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One of the top excuses we all make for not sticking to a workout routine is that "there's just no time" to do it. Brilliant new LA-based app Handstand is eliminating this hurdle altogether, and they're calling themselves the "Uber of personal trainers."

Similar to our city's many on-demand and at-home services, Handstand is affordable, prompt, and super convenient. It allows you to book a one-on-one session (or group workout) with a trainer starting at $25 an hour. Classes include yoga, strength-training, and kickboxing, and eliminates the annoyance of pesky gym membership fees and confusing contracts.

The best part? Your fitness guru will meet you wherever you want, so you can finally make that home yoga session or sprint on the beach a reality. Download the iPhone app here.