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Hollywood Icon Angelyne on Social Media, Reality TV, and Being a Unicorn

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Last July, we sat down with Hollywood billboard queen Angelyne for a spellbinding interview that revealed everything from who her favorite celebrity fans are (John Waters, Warren Beatty) to why she's obsessed with magenta ("I think it has a really powerful energy to it") to where she buys her signature Corvettes (Community Chevrolet in Burbank). She even got all existential on us and said that she'd like to leave a legacy that "helps people tune into their highest power and find their calling."

Further proving the busty Angelyne's unexpectedly deep point-of-view is a new interview with Los Angeles Review of Books, where she expresses her admiration for autistic activist Temple Grandin. "My interest these days is in a pain-free existence for everyone," she tells Bonnie Johnson. "One of my friends recently had kidney stones and said, 'This is just how it works.' But I believe it shouldn't be. I don't like the interplay between the positive and the negative all the time."

The best part? That was Angelyne's response to Johnson asking if there was milk in her coffee. See below for more key quotes.

Angelyne on social media: "It’s laborious and boring. Why would I be on a computer when I can be out in the real world? My fans promote me on the web, but I don’t ask anyone to do it. My lawyer has a Twitter he uses to make sure no one impersonates me."

Angelyne on reality TV: "Entertainment has reached this point now that as a society, we’ve progressed past survival worries. When we had to harvest all our own food by hand, no one would have thought of these things. Now our options just multiply more and more quickly."

Angelyne on being purposely elusive: "I don’t want to be everywhere, like Britney Spears or something. More like a unicorn."