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Giuliana Rancic Talks Red Carpet Beauty Hacks and Celeb Spirit Animals

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Given that E! News and Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic is known for breaking into song and dance with A-listers on the red carpet, we're not surprised that she bravely decided to color her own hair just days before the Oscars. The spontaneous move was inspired by her new gig as spokesmodel for Vidal Sassoon Salonist at-home hair color kit, which she recently held a press junket for. We took the opportunity to ask her everything and anything about the red carpet experience, from what she eats to who she has a crush on (spoiler alert: it's not Clooney) to what she really thinks about Ryan Seacrest.

It's a pretty ballsy move to change your hair color right before the Oscars. Were you a little hesitant at first?

It was definitely a bold move, especially since this is the Super Bowl of red carpets for us, but that's how much I believe in this revolutionary product. I love experimenting with my hair, and I wish woman would do it more often. We all tend to get really stuck in a look, so I think hair color is a great, temporary way to mix things up.

Do you have a pre-red carpet ritual?

I used to have a ritualeat a certain breakfast, get a facial, get a spray tan, the whole nine—but now that this is my 13th year on the red carpet (so crazy!), my stylist and hair/makeup team actually spends more time thinking about my look than I do. One thing I always do a few days before the show is take a washcloth, wet it with warm water and a little bit of makeup remover, then rub the cloth all over my lips. It totally exfoliates them so that on Oscars day, I don't have dry lips. My lipstick applies beautifully when I do this, too.

Cool tip! Do you do any other beauty/body prep?

At night after putting on my eye cream or oils (I've been really into oils lately), I moisturize my cuticles with the leftover product. There's nothing worse than pumping out too much product, so this is a great way to not waste it.


Photo: Instagram

What about food? Do you eat anything particular on the big day?

Actually, I just put in my Oscars food order—we usually do this a few days before the show. We get to order breakfast and lunch. This year, I ordered steel cut oatmeal with an omelette and toast and obviously coffee. For lunch, I ordered a chicken breast and a hummus plate.

So, eating is important.

You kind of can't do the show without eating. I think it's one thing if you're a celebrity and walking the carpet for just a half hour then go inside and have a snack. But for me, I'm on air for five hours straight, so there's physically no way that I can make it without eating and hydrating myself. I keep that in mind when I'm picking out my dress, too. I can't worry about wearing a dress that's so tight I can't eat in it. Also, I have to be on-point the whole time, so if I'm not nourished, I risk going blank or feeling light-headed. I always make sure to eat healthy food that will keep me energized and sharp.

How do you keep your feet from falling off while standing in heels for hours?

I'm so used to being in heels, so it doesn't really bother me, however I do make sure to sit during every commercial break. But let's be real: at the end of the day, I can't really complain. I get to wear a gorgeous dress and amazing shoes, so to me, it's all fun. Digging ditches is hard work; what I do is glamorous and pretty easy on the body.

Are there any celebrities that get you flustered?

There's only one: Meryl Streep. When you're talking to her, you can't believe it's happening. She's a living legend, the full package, and pretty much the biggest star in the world. But all the other stars are fine. No one really makes me nervous, even someone like Julia Roberts. I do get excited when she walks over, though, because we have so much fun and just laugh.


Photo: Getty Images

How do you decide what to ask celebs?

We're live in 140 countries, so hundreds of millions of people are watching these two minutes. By the day of the Oscars, celebrities have been asked just about every question about their movie and role and how they feel about the director, so they know that E! gives them an opportunity to have fun and show a playful side to their fans. I love that almost everyone is game and ready to have a good time.

Which stars are the most fun to interview?

This year's Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris is pretty fun—I juggled with him on the red carpet once. I'm also obsessed with Hugh Jackman. He's the perfect example of a celebrity who knows how to work the red carpet and knows what people want to see. He's a real entertainer. Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Sarah Hyland are also pretty cool. There must be something in the Modern Family water fountain because all of those girls come to have a good time and to really play. Overall, it's always a lovefest on the carpet and everyone has so much fun.

Who's your red carpet spirit animal?

Kevin Hart! I can't even with him. He's my movie star boyfriend, just the best. He always gives me the funniest interview. We dance, we sing, we do it all.


GIF: Yahoo/Tumblr

Who do you think will be the best-dressed at this year's Oscars?

Oh, great question. There will be so many good ones, like Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, and Julianne Moore, who is just a fashion goddess. We're going to see some tremendous fashion this year. But if I had to pick just one star, I'd say that Emma Stone is going to be best-dressed. It's very close between the two redheadsEmma and Julianne.


Photo: Getty Images

Last but not least, what is one thing that many people don't know about your co-host, Ryan Seacrest? You're the only red carpet interviewer on his level, so you must know something.

First of all, I'm many, many inches taller than him, so I'm not technically on his level, but I know what you mean! [Laughs]


But really, I love Ryan. We have the best time together because we just get each other. Not many people know this, but no matter how busy he is, when he arrives at the office he always barges into my dressing roomhe won't even knockand says "G! where's my G?" and gives me a big hug and kiss. He always makes time for you. Joan [Rivers] was like that, too. The common thread I find with the greats, the ones that are so successful in this business like Ryan and Joan, is that no matter how big they get, they never let any of the success get to their heads. They focus on the things that really matter, like family, friendship, and love. Ryan is a real family man and is very, very close to his parents. 

Watch Giuliana and Ryan on Live From the Red Carpet: The 2015 Academy Awards this Sunday, February 22nd at 2:30pm.