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Conan O'Brien's Visit to Koreantown's Wi Spa Is Expectedly Hilarious

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Back in 2012, we explained that Koreatown's Wi Spa is not for novices. It's for die-hard spa-goers that know their way around a traditional Korean bathhouse and aren't afraid of a little nudity. Okay, a lot of nudity. Three years later and this semi-uncomfortable caveat still holds true, as demonstrated by one Conan O'Brien, who recently visited the 24-hour, 48,000-square-feet spa with The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun.

Watch the comedian's skin turn various shades of pink while embarrassing elderly sauna-goers, shrieking during an aggressive scrub-down, and freaking out over the fact that everyone is so naked. And yes, Conan goes commando.

Wi Spa

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