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Diana Vreeland's Great Granddaughter Is Fashion's Next Muse

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Photos: Stephen Garnett
Photos: Stephen Garnett

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Caroline Vreeland is a multi-hyphenate in its truest form, showcasing an array of talent that ranges from musical genius to style visionaire. Speaking of fashion, the LA-based blonde's great grandmother is none other than the late and legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, which is why Caroline's knowledge of the industry spans well beyond her years. All this, and the girl is still incredibly chill and quite funny, as her highly-addictive Instagram reveals.

From enthusiastically eating carbs to going makeup-free (and not in the "I'm wearing makeup to look like I'm not wearing makeup" way) to trying bizarre beauty treatments, Vreeland is cool as hell, which is why we're officially naming her our girl crush of 2015. We recently sat down with the musician-model-muse to discuss her best Diana memories, her fashion crushes, her go-to LA haunts, and much more.

What is your earliest music memory?
Auditioning at eight years old to work with Raz Kennedy with Fiona Apple's "Sleep to Dream", which is a quite intense song for that age. (It stars with "I tell you how I feel but you don't care/I say tell me the truth but you don't dare/You say love is a hell you cannot bear/And I say gimme mine back and then go there for all I care".) After that audition, Raz would then become my mentor for ten years.

Amazing! What is your earliest fashion memory?
Playing dress-up in my great grandmother's silk scarves and ivory bangles.


What's the best advice your great grandmother ever gave you?
"There's only one very good life and that's the life you know you want and you make it yourself."

We like that. Now, back to the music. What is it inspired by most?
Being flawed and not apologizing for it.

Explain the concept behind your latest music video, "The Mauling".
Everything I write is from my own personal experience. I wrote "The Mauling" upon finding out that my great aunt was mauled on the street in NYC. This song is my way of saying I wish I could have taken the blow for her.

Who would you love to duet with, past or present?
Fiona Apple and Billie Holiday.

What is your most prized possession in your closet?
Diana's vintage Dior feather jacket.

Which designer would you love to exclusively wear forever?
Barbara Bui!


Where do you shop, eat, and play in LA?
For shopping, I like Helmut Lang and Barbara Bui. For food, Terroni on Beverly Boulevard. To play, The Pikey and Jumbo's Clown Room!

Last but not least, who are @carolinevreeland's three favorite Instagram accounts to follow?
My dear friend Gregorio (@greg.ohr)—I love the way he views the world, my best friend Shea Marie (@peaceloveshea), and Kara Lichtenstein (@hungryinchicago)a dope, gorgeous girl in Chicago who actually eats and documents all her delicious conquests!