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It Girl Faved Makeup Artist Gloria Noto Is Launching her Own Organic Line

Noto Botanics

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As an in-demand makeup artist, Gloria Noto has primped and prettied the faces of fashion darlings, indie actresses, and badass music babes (the talent pool she's worked with includes Shailene Woodley, Haim, and Angela Lindvall). However, her tenure in the beauty biz eventually made her painfully aware of the regular use of toxins in most major makeup and skincare products, which led her to experiment with creating her own holistic and mindful line.

The result is Noto Botanics, a range of products that includes a hydrating toner, body and hair oil, highlighting cream, skin serum, and multi-use color stain (among others) that has been carefully cultivated using ingredients from organic and mindfully-practicing farms—local whenever possible. Noto is also concerned with creating goods that don't feel financially inaccessible (the line's toner is just $24 and the serum a competitive $65), and she is catering to a growing body of consumers that are extremely conscious about what their hard-earned money is supporting.

Though Noto Botanics won't be officially launched for another couple of weeks (we'll keep you up to date on details of the release and where/how to buy), Gloria exclusively shared a promotional sneak peek, which features inspirational individuals—not models—playing with the products. The earthy, sensuous preview has us ready and willing to be her next guinea pigs while we patiently wait for the product range hit shelves.

NOTO Botanics from SmithDavis on Vimeo.