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Five Non-Traditional Ways to Spend Christmas Day In Style


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Whether you can't get outta town, don't celebrate the holiday, or are just over the usual hype, there are plenty of Angeleans looking for things to do this Friday besides binging on ham and Christmas cookies and heading to an insanely packed theater to see something you're just mehhhh about. For you folks, we've gathered a few options of ways to spend a chic day in the city—even when 75% of it has closed up shop.

Read on to find our fave activities for feeling pampered, satiated, and totally inspired that have little to nothing to do with a jolly dude with a belly and beard (we're talking about both your uncle and Santa Claus here).

Wi Spa

Steam, soak, nap, and repeat at Wi Spa (2700 Wilshire Boulevard), a 24-hour Korean oasis that boasts co-ed wellness experiences like the Jade, Clay, and Salt Rooms (don't worry, you'll be fully clothed in front of the opposite sex), an all-women's floor (yes you'll be naked here) with hot and cold tubs, showers, a steam room, and sauna, a chill-zone (aka Jimjilbang) with a heated floor for optimum snoozing, and—oh yes—a delicious and healthful eatery. For weekdays (including Christmas), it's just $15 to take advantage of those amenities, but your entry fee is waived when you add on services like a scrub-down or massage. Our pro tip: make sure you hop in the shower between your sweat sessions and soaks—it's the unwritten law here.


Besides our stylish staycation fave The Line, there are lots of other local spots perfect for a quick luxe getaway. The Ace Hotel (929 S Broadway) is an ideal location for posting up with roomservice and trashy TV in a bed that's not yours (which is always nicer). If you feel like being vertical at any point, the hotel's tasty brunch spot, LA Chapter will be open on the holiday until 3pm for all your avocado toast and ricotta pancakes needs.


She Shen/Instagram

Between Chinatown and SGV, Los Angeles is lucky to have a wealth of spots for delicious dim sum, but insiders know that it doesn't get much better than Rosemead's Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant (3939 Rosemead Boulevard). We can't say that this place won't be packed on Christmas, but to indulge on dumplings, sticky rice balls, and sweet buns will be well worth the wait.

California Beaches

Quit pretending to miss seeing snow and enjoy the outdoor sights that make living in LA in "winter" pretty darn spectacular. While most people are sleeping in or opening pressies at the crack of dawn, sneak off to a public beach (they're open!) for a morning walk. We suggest Sunken City (Shepard Street, San Pedro) to get an eyeful of colorful inspo. The result of a tragic landslide 85 years ago, this graffiti-decorated locale is a fave snapping epic photos, or—if you can handle it—forget the camera and just enjoy some time to breathe.


Eating LA

The newly reopened Clifton's Cafeteria (468 S Broadway) is staying open for biz on the holiday, and what better excuse to throw on some fancy retro garb and grab a drink from one of the nostalgic eatery's five—yes five—bars. Clutch a craft cocktail (the whiskey-spiked Two Rays is served with a chocolate spoon, just sayin') and take in the chic lodge-inspired ambiance.