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Eight Office Appropriate Party Looks That Don't Sacrifice Sexiness

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You've probably already got a Pinterest page solely devoted to plotting the perfect NYE dress, since after all it's one of the only days of the year you can wear a leg-baring, cleavage-busting, skintight disco ball without any judgement (you also get a pass on your birthday and Halloween if you wanna go that route). But what are you going to wear for that buttoned-up office party? What about your significant other's fancy family dinner in Wisconsin (or wherever)?

Undoubtedly you'll have at least one function this holiday season that will require you to keep it relatively classy as you work a tinsel and garland-decked room, likely loaded with strangers you'll have to mingle with as you nibble latkes or sip spiked egg nog. For that reason, we've gathered some LA-made wardrobe options with seasonally-appropriate silhouettes that keep your naughty bits under wraps (a little tasteful midriff or peekaboo back is chill) but let you still look like the coolest girl at the party.