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Band of Outsiders 'Los Angeles DNA' Will Live On In Spring 2017 Reboot

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Although Band of Outsiders's new parent company has announced plans to revive the cult-favorite brand for spring 2017 sans Scott Sternberg, Belgian's CLCC SA will maintain the beloved Angeleno's local focus.

CLCC managing director Antony Verbaeys recently revealed that—in addition to scouting LA locations for an upcoming storefront—the brand new Band is an ode to Los Angeles. "The most important thing for us is that we want to anchor the brand in L.A.," Verbaeys tells Los Angeles Times. "We feel the DNA of the brand was, and should remain, a Southern California/Los Angeles DNA."

Hey, Verbaeys: if you're looking for a way to demonstrate Band's true LA state of mind, how about producing its comeback runway show here instead of at New York Fashion Week? Just sayin'.