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Stylist Alana Hadid on Her Lou & Grey Collab, How the Hadids Do Holidays, and More

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Let's just say that no guest went home hungry at Alana Hadid and laid-back label Lou & Grey's It kid-filled dinner party. Like the Jenners, the LA-based stylist and personal shopper's famous family boasts one of the few stylish surnames guaranteed to invoke insanity among the paparazzi, and Alana (older half-sister to Bella and Gigi) is the latest stylish sibling to step out into the spotlight.

Last night, Hadid toasted her soon-to-launch collab and her first foray into modeling with Loft's laid-back sister label at dreamy date spot Republique, where the guest list included megamansion developer dad Mohamed, stylish siblings Marielle and Anwar, pals like LA-based artist Blanda Eggenschwiler, and our girls Shea Marie and Marta Pozzan, among others.

Between snapping up the frequently-passed apps and taking style notes from our incredibly well-dressed table mates, we caught up with Hadid to chat about the inspiration behind her limited-edition scarf collection (which lands in-stores and online December 28th), what it's like to step out from behind-the-scenes, how her well-known clan does the holidays, and more.

Catch a peek at the first piece—an Alana #ootd essential—from the capsule and read on below.


Lou & Grey

We heard that you first linked up with Lou & Grey after falling in love with their dreamy shop at The Point. What drew you to take it one step further and work with the brand?

I [originally just] went in with [a friend] to check out the new store, to see the clothes, to grab a few things. When I walked in, I literally felt like I was in my apartment—there's a piece of art that was on their front table and I have that exact piece above my bed.

Everyone from Lou & Grey was there and I didn't know; I was just talking about how much I loved the brand and I had no idea that I was [talking to] the VP of everything. It was so organic, and they came back with me to do a collaboration and then we decided to do a whole capsule collection.

As a stylist and personal shopper, your works tends to be more behind the scenes. What was was it like to be in the spotlight for this collab?

I've never had an experience like this before. To be doing with it with such an amazing team and with people who are so open to listening—the whole design process has been awesome. We really have such a genuine and perfect work environment because we get each other.


Lou & Grey

What's the inspiration behind the scarf collab?

My everyday aesthetic: I like vintage inspiration, little pops of color, I wear bandanas all the time, so the first thing to be a bandana was really perfect. We were originally thinking about a t-shirt and I brought up bandanas because I wear them all the time and they were so on board.

How would you describe your personal style?

Modern vintage—I wear vintage boyfriend Levi's everyday, basically. I wear Lou & Grey all the time, not just because of this. I'm completely obsessed with them and they're completely my style: comfortable, but streamlined and fun.


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What LA fall-worthy pieces from Lou & Grey are you living in right now?

This jacket [I'm wearing] is so amazing; I wear plaid on plaid on plaid; anything plaid is great. Ironically, anything gray is awesome. They have such rich, amazing sweaters. All of [them] are so soft, so wearable, and so easy to make an outfit.

Other than the brand's boutiques, where else do you shop in LA?

I love Curve; I worked there. I love Reformation, I like Filth Mart and a lot [of other] vintage places. I like to go into Wasteland; you can get some really cool stuff. I do a lot of vintage shopping at flea markets, like the Fairfax Flea Market.

Okay, we'll stop beating around the bush—Given your very famous surname, what's a Hadid holiday like?

It's real modern in the sense that there's stepmothers and half-siblings, but it's just like a normal holiday. We have a lot of different family members, but we're all super-close. My older sister and my younger siblings talk to each other every day, we're Facetiming all the time. My dad cooks everything, and Gigi loves to bake; [another] sister is a phenomenal cook and she always makes truffle mashed potatoes. Yeah, they might be Instagramming a photo and it gets a billion likes, but the truth of it is it's all totally down-to-earth.