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Hulu's 'Seinfeld' Apartment Installation on Melrose Opens Today

Eugene Lee/LAist

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As seen here and here, LA loves a conceptual art installation. The latest mindblowing exhibit to land in our city is a revival of the cozy apartment featured on Seinfeld—and the space is identical to the Kramer-barged digs featured in the iconic '90s TV show.

Open to the public now through December 20th from 10am to 7pm daily, Seinfeld: The Apartment was dreamed up by Hulu in celebration of the streaming service's release of the entire hit series. The installation is located across from Vanessa Bruno's old store at 8445 Melrose Avenue, and is filled with all of Jerry Seinfeld's kooky bric-a-brac.

LAist has tons of photos of the space, and notes that "you'll find a well-curated collection of VHS tapes, CDs (including a Kate Bush album—nice!), cereal boxes, and refrigerator magnets straight out of the mid-90s. Also on display will be several iconic props from the show's run, some of them actual items from the Warner Brothers archive, including the diner table and booth (that is probably the second-most shot set in the show's history), Jerry's Superman statuette, the Bachman's Pretzel container (not containing any thirst-inducing pretzels), and George's Russian sable hat from 'The Chicken Roaster.'"

Go, go, go!

Seinfeld: The Apartment

8445 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA