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Kendall and Kylie's Favorite Aussie Artist Is Popping Up in DTLA

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David Bromley

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Although famed Australian artist David Bromley has has painted dozens of beautiful birds and butterflies, and even a popular children series, he is best known for his famed female portraits of women like Miranda Kerr, and the Jenner sisters. In fact, Kendall and Kylie love Bromley's work so much that they featured his painting of them (see below) at a recent launch event Down Under. The California-bred reality stars must have really left an impressed on Bromley, because the talent is holding court in our sunny city for a whole six months.


Honored with a half-year-long residency at DTLA concept shop Guerilla Atelier, we're told that the artist's new installation will feature "a vast array of Bromley's paintings, prints and sculptures; a capsule fashion collection from his wife Yuge; and home décor including furniture, ceramics, textiles and more," which will all be available for immediate in-store purchase.

"Yuge and I spend our days either making art or seeking art, and we're looking forward to doing this in the wonderful landscape of Los Angeles," Bromley explains. "I have been making art, collecting furniture and objects for decades, with a great love for craft in combination with a love for interiors. We are very grateful to Guerilla Atelier for providing us with this opportunity."

David Bromley's exhibit at Guerilla Atelier will run this Friday through May 31st.

Guerilla Atelier

427 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA