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H&M x Balmain Merch at the Beverly Center Was Pretty Much Sold Out by 10

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As seen here and here, the #HMBalmaination is an incredibly strong and devoted one—but there's zero trace of the frenzy at H&M's Beverly Center store, where the displays for the fast-fashion brand's latest designer collab were all packed up by 11am.

By 10am, H&M staff broke the news to the remaining (and by now, very hangry) linegoers that nearly all of the merch was gone; when we stepped foot inside the shop at 10:45am, only the men's logo tees, women's bandeaus, and a handful of those flocked velvet tops and pants remained. Unsurprisingly, we're told the leather jackets and beaded cocktail dresses were the first to go.

Unlike the scene in Miami, there were no catfights, crying, and other unruliness requiring security; however, we were solicited by a few folks to grab them something—anything!—in exchange for cold hard cash. (We said thanks, but no thanks—no need to piss off the already stressed store staff.) Above, see more scenes and quotables from inside the Balmainia at Beverly Center.

Did you survive the H&M x Balmainsanity? Share your experiences in the comments below, and feel free to tip off fellow readers if you spot any leftover merch at your local store.

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