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Balmain x H&M: Crazy Lines at H&M Beverly Center and Americana at Brand

This morning at 8am, the Balmain x H&M collab officially lands in stores. Here, Racked LA associate editor Danielle Directo-Meston reports live from the madness at H&M Beverly Center, and our editorial assistant Ashley Tibbits observes the scene at H&M Americana at Brand.

H&M Beverly Center

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H&M Beverly Center

7:10am: Danielle here! The earlybirds arrived at 12pm YESTERDAY afternoon. The first guy in line says, "You gotta do what you gotta do."

7:15am: Lots of sweatpants in the beginning of the line.

7:20am: There are roughly 250 people in line now and the sneaker to heels ratio is about 30 to 1.


7:40am: We're guaranteed in for 10:45am entry! Overheard in the line: "All I care about is making gold." Tons of eBay-ers out here for sure, considering those beaded cocktail dresses are going for $1,000 and up.

7:45am: Linegoers are being let inside the Beverly Center and staff is telling the remaining shoppers that they're free to leave and return at their time slot.

7:50am: There are about 30 more people waiting outside now, the rest are enjoying the warmth of the Beverly Center. We also just heard the first horror story of the day: one linegoer dropped their cellphone down the sewer drain. Yikes.

8:00am: We're now inside the mall and store staff members are getting people pumped. You can hear excited shoppers chanting, "H&M! Balmain!" It's too early for this.


8:15am: Stepping out for some breakfast. I'll return around 10am when we get access inside. Stay tuned for my separate blog post on the H&M Beverly Center scene around 12pm today!

H&M Americana at Brand


7:13am: Ashley here! The line has swirled halfway through the outdoor shopping center. Exciting (but sleepy) shoppers are clutching their coffee and sitting tight.


7:26am: Not too much change here as the line slowly continues to grow. We've gotten our wristbands and been informed of shopping rules, which means we are in the first 420 people.

7:45am: We've just learned that our shopping time is 10:20am. Free to roam until then.

7:50am: There are an alaming amount of dudes in puffy coats and baseball caps here.

7:53am: The first group just entered! They were led in calmly but we swear we heard sqealing upon entry.

8:08am: Someone just left the store and said it was a MESS. Staffers managing the line are pissed.


8:15am: Let's just say a lot of customers are keep it casual for the early morning shopping excursion.

9:00am: We catch a glimpse of a few pieces IRL: a wool coat, velvet blazer, and sheer navy top with lots of rope detailing. They look impressively well-made.

Stay tuned for our observations from inside the sale at 12pm today.