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Gjenmi's Luxe, Locally Made Jewelry Is Also Surprisingly Affordable

GJENMi Jewelry

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The delicate designs of Gjenmi Jewelry were first conceived as a sweet gift. The brand's founder/designer Jennifer Pak first dabbled in the creation of fine jewelry when she was looking for the perfect, customized bridesmaid presents for her wedding in 2013. The results were such a hit that demand quickly turned Pak's project into a fully functioning business. Now in addition to finding her locally sourced and constructed pieces directly through her website, chic shops like Lake, Satine, and Cole Haan have signed on as stockists.

Recently we were able to learn a little more from Pak, including the benefits of offering a made-in-LA product and the symbolism that's made one of her pieces so popular.

How would you describe your brand's aesthetic in just three words?

Affordable, fun, and wearable.

Do you have a favorite piece from your collection at the moment?

My favorite necklace is the Moon and Star Dreamer. I never intended this to happen but it started becoming very popular for moms. The moon represents the mom and the star is the baby. When people started catching on to this idea, it became everyone's new "push present." Being a new mother myself, it makes me so happy to see these amazing women wearing it to represent something so special in their life. I've even had clients send theirs back to add another star for their second baby.


What inspires you about living and working in LA?

I was born and raised in LA. My family owns a small printing business downtown so I was taught at an early age that keeping vendors local not only helps create jobs but helps our community and economy grow. I am a big advocate for locally sourced materials and am really proud that my collection is made here.

Your line manages to offer quality materials (gold, rose gold, diamonds) at fair price points. Why is that important to you and how are you able to do it?

I was once a twentysomething girl who wanted something special to wear every day but couldn't afford it. Making jewelry that is both special and affordable is important because I think that jewelry is a constant reminder to its wearer of why she is wearing it. I am in direct communication with all my resources and vendors, which are all local. Sometimes this is time consuming and takes more effort but being "factory direct" is how I keep my prices low and quality high.

Do you have a lucky piece of jewelry that you wear?

I do! Currently, I always wear a necklace with a "T" for my baby boy, Theo.