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Ten Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Feast Loungewear Looks by LA Makers

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Let's be totally honest here; round about 4pm this Thursday, you're likely to be suction-cupped to the sofa half-watching either holiday flicks you've seen a zillion times or some sports game (depending on who's manning the remote). But just because you're bound to be a couch potato doesn't mean you have to look like one.

Whether your Thanksgiving plans have you surrounded by family, friends, or I-barely-know-these-people, there's no reason you can't look completely chic while carrying around your inevitable post-feast food baby. If you're still shopping for something to wear that will be both conducive to your expanding waistline and impossibly fashionable—especially as compared to your uncle's Kings jersey—we've rounded up ten locally-designed articles of clothing that fit the bill.

Maybe your strategy is to confuse with gauzy drapey-ness (who knows what's under there?!) or perhaps you'd prefer to sport a modernized sweatsuit or still feel a bit sexy in silky shorts. Whatever the case, these options will keep you effortlessly cute even as you slip into a food coma. You're welcome.