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Have an Instagram-Worthy Brunch and Buy Blooms on Virgil Avenue

Welcome to Perfect Saturday, a semi-regular Racked feature in which we outline the best places to shop and spend the afternoon in a particular neighborhood, starting with brunch and ending—who knows!

Native Poppy/Instagram

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These days you can't scroll through your Instagram feed without being inundated with dozens of drool-worthy, picture-perfect food snaps from fancy toast-and-coffee joint Sqirl, but before the hugely popular breakfast spot opened up in the hood, the sect of East Hollywood on Virgil Avenue—between Melrose and Santa Monica Boulevards—wasn't exactly what you'd call a trendy area. And while it's not exactly about to transform into the next Rodeo Drive, several cool neighbors have moved in, giving all the hip kids snacking on rice bowls with fried eggs some places to shop post-brunch.

We've zeroed in on this up-and-coming area as a destination to spend your Saturday nibbling on ricotta toast, customizing a bright bouquet, and browse some of the best vintage gear around.


Tara McCutchan/Instagram

Yes, you will have to wait in a long-ass line with the possibility of having to eat your breakfast table-less (if the early birds already scooped 'em all up), but the tasty dishes at Sqirl (720 N Virgil Avenue) will make it all worthwhile. Or at the very least, you'll briefly feel like one of the cool kids.


Founce Vintage/Instagram

Fans of Flounce Vintage (718 Virgil Avenue) since its days in Echo Park already know that you're bound to find a sweet 1950's frock or cute cardigan when you step into this girlie shop. On a lucky day you might even encounter a mint Pucci or Haltson piece.


Emu Flowers/Instagram

Twig & Twine (716 N Virgil Avenue) owner Heather Williams earned a following for her insanely gorgeous floral arrangements long before opening her storefront. A visit to her gem of a shop might mean heading home with a seasonal bunch of blooms or one of countless cute gifts (cookbooks, wall hangings, and candles to name just a few pretty things).


Virgil Normal

Just around the bend lies what might just be the raddest new shopping spot for dudes in the city. Virgil Normal (4157 Normal Avenue), a shop owned by stylist to the quirky stars, Shirley Kurata, and designer Charles Staunton, stays stocked with cooky sweaters from All Knitwear, frames from LA Eyeworks, funky vintage finds, and a curated selection of home goods. Get a gift for the guy in your life (brother, bf, dad...whoever) here if you want to really up his cool factor.