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Would You Ride a Three-Hour Train From LA to Coachella?


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Since it's never too early to start talking about Coachella 2016, here's a little nugget of news to consider while planning transportation. Our sister site Curbed LA reveals that a new train line is in the works that will connect from Los Angeles to the Coachella Valley.

"It's not exactly a bullet train though," Curbed adds. "Think more of a leisurely scenic trip through Riverside County (yikes). The train trip from LA to Indio will last a little over three hours. That's about 40 minutes slower than if traveling by car, so definitely load some podcasts onto your phone for this trip. The planned route would leave Los Angeles, stopping at Fullerton, head north to Colton, then through the San Gorgonio Pass on its way to Indio. The exact location of train stations along the route have not been finalized, but Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage have all been suggested as possible options."

A little over three hours? We're not sure about all that.