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Digital Media Maven Jennifer Puno Modernizes the Traditional Tomboy Vibe

Welcome to Style Crush, a new biweekly feature that shines a light on LA's best-dressed rising stars.

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Jennifer Puno loves creatives. But like, really. She even co-founded a digital classifieds site and called it I Love Creatives since it's geared to those who—like herself—tend to wear multiple hats in the community. You might find her snapping photos, creating websites, or helping market a brand. Puno's dedication to the city's artistic industry also means that her wardrobe is packed with independent designers, and she's psyched to share the work they're doing by repping it on her bod.

This self-proclaimed tomboy met up with us at Daiso in her neighborhood of Little Tokyo, and in between shopping for some bright-ass lipstick and scoping out the sheet mask scene, she gave us the lowdown on the boyish accessory you'll rarely see her without, the Venice spot where she gets turned on to new designers, and the fashion blogger she's seriously digging.

Tell us about your outfit:

The jacket is by Jill Aiko Yee. She's an LA designer who makes a few lines—some t-shirts and some beautiful silk ombre dresses and also stuff like this jacket. She dresses very similar to me; not sexy, just comfortable. I love that you can go into her studio and just chat about what you like and don't like and she's down to collaborate. My hat is made by Mansi Shah and I found them through Bezar, which is like Fab, but there's clothes and home interior stuff. I'm 100% a baseball cap girl. I wear them all the time because I'm too lazy to do my hair. I even have a leather hat named after me in my friend Toni's line. The Los Angeles necklace is by Seoul Little and I bought it from Individual Medley. My other necklace is my version of a wedding band; my husband and I designed it together and had it made. It used to hold a note he wrote me inside but because we apparently don't know how to design jewelry, the bottom fell out and I lost it. The shoes are Zara and these are actually the second pair of gold sandals I got from there. I wore the others out. My top is vintage from Give + Take, which is like Crossroads but instead of selling your stuff for money you get points for trade. When I lived near there I basically got a new wardrobe for $30 a month just constantly rotating stuff out.

Describe your style in three words:

Fun, functional, tomboy.

What LA boutique is your happy place?

Satine is my jam! I was introduced to two great labels through the store, Shakuhachi and Aella. I love that the boutique features known brands next to more unknown ones. It's just also so "me." I always want to buy everything in there. That said, right now I'm a horrible shopper. I like online shopping but I also don't because I get full carts and then it takes me an hour to edit. I'm like, "waiiiiiiiit...."

What fashion item are you obsessed with buying right now?

I just came back from Europe and had a duffle bag full of clothes I bought there and never even pulled out a single one, so I ended up just donating them—so I'm more in the mode of having less stuff in general but wanting everything to be good quality and very versatile. I'm actually looking to hire someone to help me curate my wardrobe, because it's tough! It takes so much time to shop.

What are you currently on the hunt for?

Simple, lightweight jewelry. I'm working with the brand J. Hannah right now and looking at all the pieces I'm like "YES!"

Who's your style crush?

Jayne Min of Stop It Right Now—fucking love her. We're both Asian—and having certain features, there are things you can and can't pull off—so I can look to her for ideas. She's a tomboy and she looks like she doesn't care about what she wears but she definitely does. Plus the girl is funny, and she's weird and totally herself. The clothes just add an elevated layer. You'd think this goofy girl couldn't pull off these clothes, but she does.