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Moon Juice's Latest Collab Is Out-Of-This-World Activewear

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Following high praise from Gwyneth Paltrow, LA's unofficial mayor of the mystic hippie movement has joined forces with a like-minded company to create something great. Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon recently captivated Live The Process founder Robyn Berkley, and together they've made a cosmic capsule collection for stylish, lunar-loving wellness gurus.

"Meeting Amanda and experiencing Moon Juice first hand, I was immediately drawn to the aesthetic, the product and her modern approach of educating people on wellness and how to integrate it into your life," Berkley explains. "She was inspiring on her viewpoints and well-educated; it was the perfect relationship, both organic and synchronized with the Live The Process vision."

The six-piece collection—which features activewear styles like a $120 V-bra, $130 cropped leggings, and a $190 corset leotard—is available now at,, and soon Net-a-Porter. It will also be available at Moon Juice Silver Lake, where we hear ACB is creating a cosmic blue protein milk and pearl truffle combo for the holidays.