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Clever, James Franco-Approved Clothing Label Clashist Has Suddenly Closed


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Back in 2013, we introduced you to Clashist, a new local line of digitally printed, pop culture-inspired apparel founded by tech maven Heather Lipner. Quickly gaining a cult following for its signature all-over print tees of celebrity faces, stars like James Franco enthusiastically joined the movement by wearing their namesake designs. Clashist was genius, which is why we're gutted that Clashist is now closed.

In this heartbreaking blog post, Lipner explains that although she tried her best to keep the brand running, Clashist's parent company decide to suddenly kill off her pride and joy. We've copied Lipner's full farewell below.

Goodbye to Clashist.

It's been hard on me. It's kinda like someone killed my 2 year old kid or dog and now everyone is asking me - well what are you gonna do now? I mean would it make sense to immediately go get pregnant or buy a new dog?

I poured my heart & soul into Clashist - expressing my personal perspective on the funny things about our culture - I wasn't done.  I've had to say goodbye to businesses I've created before, but this one is so close to who I am - it feels like someone is killing a major part of my identity.

I googled ‘funerals for businesses' and nothing came up. I currently have been fantasizing about bringing all the fans together at the Hollywood Cemetery and holding a burial where the most popular prints & items are in a casket, we show a slideshow of the most memorable instagram posts and James Franco and Miley Cyrus say a few words. Then we have a shiva where I'm wearing Clashist dyed in black and people bring me challah bread twisted into celebrity faces and gigantic meat platters folded into t-shirts, all worthy of instagram posts. Can I have that? Kickstarter?

I know this all may seem dramatic - but this is factual and I am assuming other entrepreneurs and artists who've had to close up their work have felt similarly and I don't see a lot of blog posts on it, so here's mine. I'll put it out there.

There was nothing wrong with the business that required to shut it down, it was near profitable and was improving operationally. The vision was on point, the customers were superb, the creativity was beyond with a team comprised of intelligent young women. While it wasn't a Silicon Valley widget-like fast growth business, it was definitely pretty amazing & had a lot of potential.

It was all too sudden - I tried everything in my power to keep it alive within reason. The decision to shut down was up to the parent company - not me.

I stood to comment on a culture in a unique & meaningful manner. I will continue to do so, soon. Thank you all for your support - a lot of you have been so fucking amazing.

Like an artist that releases albums, Clashist was probably my most important musical cue. Here's my playlist and this shirt I made to express my point of view.

And please keep in touch with my instagramthis blog cuz I'd like to continue to try to make you all smile. :)

RIP Clashist. You will never be replaced.