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We Worked Out With Rihanna's Cardio-Hating Trainer

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Last night in Hollywood, Puma made all fitness fiends's dreams come true when the brand brought Rihanna’s trainer and new brand ambassador, Jamie Granger, in to lead a non-stop sweat session at the LA Lofts. Granger’s 45-minute workout was packed with everything from squats, high-knees, and planks to weighted boxing moves and jump-roping.

If you think two-pound dumbbells aren’t heavy, try holding them while doing a jab, cross, hook combo on repeat. After the cool down, attendees who were styled head-to-toe in the brand enjoyed acai bowls and DJ tracks while taking photos with Granger before closing their name-tagged locker and heading out. We pulled Rihanna’s go-to gal aside and got a few tips on how to make the best of your fitness regimen.

When did you know fitness was your jam?

It’s been since I was a kid. I started sports at the age of six and began weight lifting when I was 12. I knew that it had to be part of my everyday life but I didn’t even know what the fitness industry looked like until I came to LA.

When you start working with a new client, what are you looking for first?

I want to find out what their goals are but also what they like because it comes from within. It’s very intrinsic because when people get enjoyment out of stuff they are less likely to have more cheat meals or reward themselves and more likely to stick with it for a long period of time.

What’s a good workout for someone on-the-go with a tight schedule?

Focus on doing large compound movements because that burns the most calories and then keep moving for the entire 20 or 30 minutes, whatever you have. Move from exercise to exercise like a circuit.

Pause. What is a large compound movement?

Squats, lunges, push-ups, or anything where all of your limbs are on the floor. Plyometrics are also great to get your heart rate up.

Tell us about your favorite cardio workout.

I hate cardio so I do workouts like [the one we just did] or I incorporate small bouts of cardio within my workouts so you’ll do some heavy-lifting and then you’ll do maybe at most 90 seconds of a quick cardio routine whether it high-knees or jump-roping.

What drew you to Puma?

It’s their belief system. I work with Ri so that brought me to the brand. I’ve always worn Puma lifestyle but I didn’t really know about the fitness side of it. When we started talking, our goals about empowering people and being the best version of yourself and not focusing on what other people are doing were so in line.

Describe your workout look?

I usually wear capris, a sports bra, and a racerback top. That’s my go-to.

What would you tell those who need a little extra push to sweat it out?

Dig deep and find out what you’re doing it for and make it beyond aesthetics. Make it a lifestyle change and wanting to be a healthier person in general.