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Introducing York Street, LA's Smartest New Line For Sexy Simplicity

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Just when the fashion world was starting to feel fatigue from over-embellished collections inspired by shock value, a line like York Street comes around to remind us that less really is more. Founded by Jessica Moss and Lisa Guajardo—the girls behind the now-defunct local label Leyendecker—in collaboration with fashion industry vet Jim Sauer, the line is brimming with "easy staples and fashion essentials that are perfectly worn and naturally cool," aka just the right vibe.

"The idea came from a very apparent need in the market for sophisticated clothing that is truly effortless and comfortable, traversing that gaping hole between the office hallways and sunday brunch," Moss tells us. "We set out to create a single identity that can take a woman anywhere, anytime. Our first goal was to examine the idea of comfort and transform it into something that means more than just loungewear, and it really boiled down to the concept of your favorite jacket paired with your favorite T-shirt. Lisa and I have long been fans of a good blazer, and for years, we would find ourselves cutting the lining and foundations out of our jackets because it always felt too stuffy and restricting. One of our first missions was to create really comfortable and easy-to-wear blazers and jackets that were free from lining, foundation, structure, and all the stiff trimmings that the market had to offer."

Introducing York Street, LA's Coolest New Line Fo

Easy essentials are of the essence in York Street's debut spring 2016 ollection, which hero pieces that include the signature cocoon blazer ("we knew we had found something that every woman was going to want—so easy, yet so sexy and powerful"), the un-leather jacket ("tencel that is treated to look like leather, but twice as soft as the real thing"), washed twill, and distressed silk. "After developing and merchandising the line with Jim, it just all fell into place so beautifully," Moss adds. "York Street is all about those quintessential pieces that every woman needs in her wardrobe."

As far as pricing goes, it ranges from $68 for a layering camisole to $286 for an un-leather zip moto jacket. Instant fans will be pleased to know that York Street is opening its very own retail space on its namesake street in Highland Park next year. (!) In the meantime, stay tuned for a list of retailers set to carry the range.