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Decades Co-Owner Cameron Silver on Heading H by Halston, Life as a New Yorker, More

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Cameron Silver is a man of many titles: reality star and Duke of Melrosestylish jetsetter, and shoe designer, among others. Most recently, the vintage king and Decades boutique co-owner added another bullet point to his resumé as the new fashion director of H by Halston.

On top of leading the legendary luxury label, Silver serves as the brand's on-air personality on QVC, where it officially launched last month and quickly sold out of several '70s-inspired wardrobe staples. We sat down with the bicoastal social butterfly to find out more about what inspired his designs, what he'd ask the iconic designer, what he loves about working with QVC, and more.

H by Halston/Facebook

LA has long been your home base, so how do you split your time now?

I am officially bicoastal although it appears I'm leaning more to the right at present.

Can you tell us more about your plans for the legendary brand?

It is an honor to share the legacy of America's first luxury brand with the QVC community. I feel a responsibility to educate our client about the history of Halston and his impact both on fashion and society while taking the brand into the 21st century. The H by Halston shows are lively info-tainment.

What's the inspiration behind the latest collection?

It always begins with the profound DNA and blueprint Halston left us. Then, we are inspired by the chic women of today we see both uptown and downtown because Halston famously combined these two worlds to create his imitable style. I am always snapping photos everywhere I go and sharing them with the design team.

H by Halston/Facebook

What's your favorite Halston fashion memory?

I think I was born for this job because I've always been drawn to the Halston aesthetic. At 10 years old I would go to kid disco parties dressed like a mini Halston. The indelible images of the Halstonettes really shaped my opinions of beauty and a fashionable life.

Did you ever get a chance to meet Halston, and if so, what was he like?

I never got to meet him but fortunately I have become very close with many from his intimate circle who have shared incredible anecdotes that continue to solidify my connection to Halston in a very profound way.

If you could ask the legendary designer any question today, what would it be?

Because Halston was such a visionary, I would ask him how he would correct the current state of fashion which is evidently in crisis.

You once told us that QVC was the way of the future. What surprised you most about working with them?

QVC pioneered ecommerce before the Internet. In addition, interactive retail and social media have all existed within QVC in early states decades before they were required formats for retailers. In a sense, QVC continues to grow because they present their products with a personality and the shoppers have a vested connection with the On Air talent which translates to their burgeoning ecomm business.

The surprising thing at Q is how incredibly nice everyone is. Seriously, it's quite life-affirming to be in an environment where people say hello to strangers and are constantly smiling (all the way to the bank). There is a mutual respect of everyone at QVC which is very endearing. Plus they have quinoa at the salad bar!