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Beauty Expert Lynette Cenee Is a Boho Super-Babe

Welcome to Style Crush, a new biweekly feature that shines a light on LA's best-dressed rising stars.

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Lynette Cenee's on-point brows and flawless complexion aren't a fluke (though we can't deny this girl's enviable genetic gifts); she's been perfecting pouts, creating killer nail art, and offering other beautifying services for the last ten years. Thanks in part to her success doing masterful YouTube tutorials, she's even scored celebrity clientele and recently ended up on The Zoe Report's list of Hollywood "It Girls."

Fans of Cenee couldn't get enough of the coverage of her dreamy recent nuptials when she wed musician (and fellow babe) Corey Ferrugia—which has her setting her sights on more lifestyle-centered posts and upcoming collabs with her honey. We had the chance to snap shots of this stunner and got filled in on where she grabs gear on the cheap, whose style she covets, and the accessory that keeps her hubby close to her chest.

Tell us about your outfit:

This vintage leather jacket was a wedding gift from my friend Alison who has a brand called Wolf and Lamb. I wore it in some of my wedding photos which paired perfectly with my hubby's rockstar groom attire. A simple black dress I thrifted years ago, and of course black boots. Another staple item I often wear is a hat because let's be honest... It's easier to throw on then giving myself a fresh blow out. The key necklace is one of The Giving Keys; the founder, Caitlin Crosby, is a friend of ours and I greatly admire the "pay it forward" message that she has created, not to mention the heartbeat behind her brand which employs the homeless here in LA. My bar necklace was made by Annette Diaz [of Style By Annette], another #girlboss and California babe that I adore. It's stamped with my husband's and my initials (cue in "awww"). But seriously, I love this piece and wear it almost every day.

Describe your style in three words:

Relaxed Boho-Chic

What LA boutique is your happy place?

I take after my mom in being a total thrift store junkie, she taught me well! Being from Tucson, Arizona where the first Buffalo Exchange opened, it's an easy answer for me to say that hands down its one of my favorite go-to places to shop. I've been roaming their racks for vintage tees and unique pieces to add to my closet since I can remember. I did a video for them on my YouTube channel explaining the buy-sell-trade concept that they created. You can watch it here.

What fashion item are you obsessed with buying right now?

When in doubt, buy black boots. My husband just doesn't get that there is a purpose for each pair of my boots and I still don't have all of the ones I want in my closet. I live in them! Their my staple item for every outfit.

What are you currently on the hunt for?

I just got back from NYC where there are actual "fall vibes" going down so I'm looking forward to LA cooling down a bit so I can hunt down some oversized comfy sweaters and turtlenecks.

Who's your style crush?

Style crush and girl crush would be Erin Wasson. She has a low key bohemian vibe with a touch of edge because of her tattoos, not to mention she's stunningly beautiful...naturally. Ugh iDie.

Learn more about Lynette by visiting her website here. You can also follow her on Instagram here and learn all her beauty tips by checking out her YouTube channel.