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LA's Most Stylish Knits For Fall, Straight From the Pros


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Now that temperatures are (kind of) cooler, it's time to (finally) start thinking about cozy layers. To help us weave through the overwhelming amount of stylish options by local designers, we asked the brilliant founders of contemporary fiber arts and crafts magazine Knit Wit, Gigi Jack and Zinzi Edmundson, for a little help.


Photo: Liz Kuball

Before we dive into the duo's fall knit picks (they're so good), here's what to know about their inspiring publication: Knit Wit is a biannual print-only magazine that celebrates the modern craft movement via captivating photography and thoughtful storytelling. "We wanted to create a magazine that felt aesthetically relatable and spoke to us in a voice we could more readily identify with than what's currently out there," Jack tells us. "A big part about our mission—and what's been gratifying so far—is bringing together this community of textile and fiber lovers. We want to continue to push that as far as we can whether that's in the form of a book, video series, real-life workshop space or any other ideas we can dream up!"

Check out these stores to pick up a copy of Knit Wit's third issue (out next week!), and make a note of what Jack and Edmundson are loving from the world of LA knitwear below.


Photo: Wooly Bully Knits

WhoWoolly Bully Knits

Why: Knitwear basics with lots of personality? What's not to love.

What: Longsleeve top, $220


Photo: Kkibo


Why: We're big fans of these oversized, shaman-inspired knits. They make a big impact and are always chic.

What: Shaman cartigan


Photo: Objects Without Meaning

WhoObjects Without Meaning

Why: OWM always deliver far-from-simple clothes that are just the right amount of hip. This jumpsuit is no exception.

What: Olive jumpsuit from fall/winter 2015


Photo: Heidi Merrick

WhoHeidi Merrick

Why: When Heidi Merrick goes wooly, she imbues cold weather essentials with her polished California girl sensibility.

What: Bates navy wool flannel coat, $625


Photo: Industry Of All Nations

WhoIndustry Of All Nations

Why: Alpacas are seriously cool animals that are as environmentally sustainable as they are freaking adorable. Oh, and their wool is super,-duper soft. Add a colorblock and we're pretty much putty.

What: Alpaca block sweater, $280


Photo: Pari Desi

WhoPari Desai

Why: One of those lines you'd love to just live in, Pari Desai has really, really got our number. I mean, elevating a granny-square halter is not an easy thing to do.

What: Farah pima cotton hand-knit and crochet dress