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Vogue Finally Jumps On the Mystic Hippie Train

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Back in July, we took a deep dive into the rise of California's mystic hippie movement, noting that its mainstream awareness has led to a huge boom in sales for makers and retailers of wild potions, oils, crystals, beauty, and like-minded jewelry.

One of these said beneficiaries is local holistic guru Shiva Rose, whose bestselling Rose Face Oil and Glow Face Balm and mystic hippie staples. The folks at Vogue must have caught wind of our investigation, because they recently tapped a collection of "hippie chic" women—including Rose and Moon Juice's Amanda Chantal Bacon—to break down their natural beauty routines.

In addition to hawking her GFB again, Rose reveals her affection for this body oil by Jiva-Apoha Kama Love because she appreciates "the way it marries the ancient wisdom of India to Native American shamanism." Chantal plugs her own $65 Beauty Dust while giving a shoutout to this ghee, which she loves to use "a dab of it on my eyes and lips overnight and in the morning, especially as the seasons change."

Now that Vogue's a believer, are you?