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New LA Line Eve Denim Is Already Vogue-Approved

Eve Denim

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It's no secret that LA is bursting at the seams with stylish denim options, from model-favorite Re/Done to celebrity-adored Paige. Just when you think our city has reached its jeanswear quota, a new line comes along to turn the industry on its head, offering something fresh and unique that solidifies its success in an oversaturated market. Such is the case for Eve Denim, founded by a former Joie consultant and already beloved by Vogue.

Impressed by how the debut collection—which features short-shorts, button-fly flares, overalls, cowboy jackets, and more—manages to channel "workwear, a disco ball-illuminated skating rink, and a Left Bank chanteuse," the fashion pub recently sat down with designer Adelaide Bourbon to hear more about her inspiration, which apparently sparked during her days at Joie. "My job centered around finding vintage inspiration, so it was perfect for me. I got to dig through all those incredible archives," she tells Vogue.


Bourbon also explains that in addition to working with a North Carolina–based denim supplier, she also sourced locally, but had to do some digging in order to get the vibe right: "I'd go into these old-school places and tell them what I wanted to do and still they'd try to show me stretch fabric! Now people will see me with my patterns and they get curious: ‘What have you got going on here?'"

See what Eve Denim has going on here. Prices range from $125 for a pair of high-waisted corduroy short-shorts to $395 for raw denim overalls.