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Why Kylie Jenner Is a Fan of This Clever Mattress Brand

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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Back in February, we introduced you to Casper, a NY-based online mattress company that opened an LA showroom where shoppers can give its goods a test drive via power naps overlooking the Hollywood Hills. Besides this brilliant, Bonobos-inspired concept that raised the company a whopping $1.85 million in its first 28 days of business, Casper also nailed it with its convenient packaging, fascinating fans like Kylie Jenner with the fact that a huge mattress can fit in a managably-sized box:

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Casper's unique brain juice is also demonstrated in its marketing campaigns, which range from cute:

A photo posted by Justin Carner (@justincarner) on

to tongue-in-cheek (learn about the Furries phenomenon here):

A photo posted by Daniel Neilan (@danfordandson) on

to downright ballsy:

A photo posted by Kendrick D Wheaton (@kdw562) on

Whatever the case, Casper has people talking. Here's what the box looks like when it arrives to your door:

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And here's what's inside:

And here's how the fun unfolds:

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We can see this being crazy-convenient for the compact lives of New Yorkers, but do you think Angelenos are catching on? Let us know if you've given Casper a try.