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Of Course: Beverly Hills's Very First Dog Park Is Super Snooty

Beverly Hills

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Since priviledged locals pretty much pamper their pups like royalty in LA, it's no surprise that our ritziest neighborhood is planning to debut a dog park that's extremely exclusive. Our sister site Curbed notes that the off-leash park at Alden Drive and Foothill Road will include "  system that will make it so the park can only be used by people (and dogs) who live in Beverly Hills. (This might—might—be expanded to include hotel guests, business owners, and people who work in the city.)"

Geez. To keep access at bay, only the chosen few will receive keycards to enter the five-acre park, and all people must prove that their furry friends are licensed. "BH officials are also considering ways to make sure that no unvaccinated or unspayed/unneutered dogs are allowed in."

Intimidated yet? Hit up Curbed to see the park's three possible designs.