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Treat Yourself to this Celeb Favorite Facial That Totally Transforms Your Skin


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To be completely honest, we'd scrub our face with kitty litter if you told us it would make our skin glow like JLo's after a dip in a bathtub filled with liquid diamonds. So when we learned about a scientifically advanced facial treatment by Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Ronald L. Moy—utilizing this own formulation of products, DNA Renewal—it was pretty much a no-brainer.

The OxyGeneo + Facial with DNAEGF is a 90-minute, non-invasive facial treatment currently available at Dr. Moy's office, RodeoDerm (421 Rodeo Drive #7) for $250, but let's discuss; this isn't your ordinary facial. Using an innovative exfoliating technique and oxygenation that helps push the exclusive products into the skin for immediate results and no down time (meaning you won't have to leave looking like Samantha Jones post chemical peel), this pre-awards show celebrity favorite gave us high hopes.


Our facial began like most: gentle cleansing and a few extractions. The aesthetician informed us that we all need regular facials, since most people's over-the-counter exfoliants aren't really cutting it. Enter the OxyGeneo, which acts like a super-gentle microdermabrasion—our ususally sensitive skin survived unscathed. This process also creates oxygen bubbles on the surface of the skin, which instantly improves circulation (hello glow!) but also preps the skin to best absorb the innovative products.


Pink Plush Allure

About those products: Dr. Moy initially formulated his line as a skin cancer treatment (he is a renowned specialist on the subject), since the plant-based Epidermal Growth Factors they boast literally renew, repair, and regenerate your skin. It works in the same way as Kim Kardashian's insane Vampire Facial only without all that pesky blood. Using a ultrasound tip, our facialist applied the Regeneration Serum (tightens and thickens skin, minimizes pores), then the Intensive Renewal (hydrates and plumps while fighting UV damage), each thoroughly massaged into the skin.

After the facial, we're given a quick application of DNA's tinted sunscreen (the brand has also just released a body-friendly DNA Defense with an SPF 50 plus repair enzymes) and we're on our way—no veil/massive sunglasses required. Upon an immediate and thorough investigation—via our rear view mirror—our complexion was visibly brighter and smoother, with no signs of redness or irritation. In fact, we loved our freshened face so much, we finished out the day makeup-free! Okay, a little mascara never hurt anyone.

Make an appointment for the OxyGeneo + Facial with DNAEFG by calling the office at 310-274-5372. Dr. Moy's miraculous product line (including the brand new sunscreen) is available at this office or online here.


421 Rodeo Dr #7, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA