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NCLA's New Petite Nail Wrap Packs Makes It a Cinch to Wear A Mani Once


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If you refuse to be seen in an #ootd more than once, we're guessing the same applies to your mani game. As of right this minute, non-committed (or budget-minded) nail art stars can now snap up locally-based brand NCLA's printastic wraps in smaller packs, which simultaneously cuts down on our leftover stick-ons sitch. (We can't be the only ones, right?)

Available in 10 exclusive designs, the Bey-faved brand's new Petite sets feature 14 stylish nail wraps instead of the standard 26. Pick them up for $9 a pop (or save when you buy the full collection for $75, which includes a top/base coat) over at NCLA here.