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Snail Masks, Konjac Puffs: A Guide to Korean Beauty in LA

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The beauty world is a fickle place. One minute it's crazy for carbon, the next minute it's touting the benefits of dragonfly wing extract (okay, we made that up) or some other exotic ingredient. Consider snail goo, just one of the innovations brought to us by Korean cosmetics brands, which have captivated American beauty buffs ever since infiltrated the U.S. market with buzzy BB creams.

To help us translate the Korean skincare obsession to our own visage routines, we caught up with our juice pal Susan Yara, founder of new lifestyle site and beauty YouTube channel Mixed Makeup. Given that this month focuses on how to have the Best Year Ever, we asked the half-Korean, half-Mexican beauty expert to guide us through some of her favorite places in Koreatown and beyond. Join as we pick up a few additions to our skincare routine, from an $8 snail facial, the most intense body scrubber, bamboo salt toothpaste, and much more.

Minor updates have been made and additional quotes for clarification purposes have been added since this post was originally published.

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