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LZZR's Minimalist-Chic Jewelry Is As Simple As Geometry

Photos: LZZR Jewelry
Photos: LZZR Jewelry

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Although accoutrements addicts certainly have their choice of dainty little rings and bejeweled bling, there are times when simplicity is all you need to make a statement. This is where sustainable LA label LZZR Jewelry comes in.

Founded in 2013 by designer Lizz Roberts, the architecturally-informed line is made locally from recycled and reclaimed metals: think simple bronze midi rings ($30), boxy copper bangles ($100), geometric gold rings, 10k gold cube pendant necklaces ($760), and more, all crafted with a feminine-meets-masculine edge. As if helping Mother Earth wasn't enough, the brand also earns brownie points for donating to good causes; in addition to supporting the LA Food Bank, LZZR's collabs with cute actor couple Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita of Tie The Knot and our very own menswear star Tommy Lei benefit marriage equality and the Trevor Project, respectively.

We caught up with Roberts to find out what inspires her designs, who she'd love to see sporting her jewelry, where she goes to shop made-in-America merch, and more.

What in particular about architecture do you find inspiring?
My grandfather had a home building business for most of my childhood. As well, my father used to be in the wholesale lumber industry. Two-by-fours and windows are something I've stared at for many years. So, the aesthetic of my jewelry has been a very natural progression from those years of architectural influence. It really comes down to the fact that I love straight lines and rectangles.

Who would love to see wearing your pieces?
Lenny Kravitz. When designing, I ask myself, "Would Lenny wear it?" Emma Stone is incredible as well. I'd be honored to see LZZR on her. And Rachel Maddow, but she doesn't wear jewelry, unfortunately.

How did the collaboration with Tie the Knot come about?
Twitter is a funny thing. It connects people in the most amazing ways. We were working with Justin Livingston of ScoutSixteen, and it turns out that Justin Mikita and him are friends. (Justin Mikita and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are the founders of Tie the Knot.) So, Justin Mikita started tweeting at me one day about how much he loved the jewelry. Next thing you know, we were having coffee and discussing collaboration. Justin and Jesse are incredibly wonderful people to work with.

What are a few of your favorite places in LA to shop/eat/play/get inspired?
I've been trying to stay true to a "made responsibly" way-of-life lately, by really focusing on local goods and locally grown foods.

Shopping at Oak is great because their clothing is really pretty and many pieces are made in the US. I love the athletic wear from Trina Turk. Also, Everlane is a company out of California that makes beautiful clothes in a responsible way—with some made here in LA. For jewelry, Sumi's in Los Feliz has a fantastic selection and Max&Moritz for gift giving. A personal goal in 2015 is to focus on buying products that are made in the United States whenever possible. Too many goods are now manufactured elsewhere, and I find it very important to support business that is concentrating on local production.

I love to eat at Bar Ama, and The Must in Downtown is also a favorite brunch spot. Union in Pasadena is a new fave, especially since they really focus on local produce and meat. Sonny's Hideaway and Bar 1886 are great for new and interesting cocktails. My one addiction is Urth Caffe. I drink a matcha latte with rice milk (no sweetener) from there almost everyday. We cook a lot at home and grow some of our fruits and veggies in our back yard, while supplementing with produce from the farmers market.

Starting a company means not a lot of play-time, but when there is a moment, I love to go to the beach, breathe the salt air and watch a sunset. I really try to spend quality time with the people around me when I have down time, we go out to eat or gather at the house.

Inspiration comes from daily meditation and occasional trips to local hardware stores. I spend a lot of time in DTLA since that's where we manufacture everything. I'm always in awe of the new buildings that go up or are being refurbished. As well, I love to sit outside and read a great fashion magazine (my Vogue and Harper's Bazaar collection goes back to the 1990s.)

Lastly, can you share what you've got coming down the pipeline?
We just re-released the Tie the Knot Bow Tie Necklaces through Valentine's Day, and the new LZZR collection comes out in March! It's been really fun to work on these spring/summer pieces. They are easy to wear, with a few statement pieces for the adventurous types. Stay tuned!
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