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LA's Most Stylish Health Foodies to Follow Right Now

In addition to being filled with hot trainers, LA is also the top playground for healthy chefs, holistic nutritionists, and good-for-you food enthusiasts.

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Since many of these sustenance stars also happen to be really cool chicks with great style, we've rounded up nine favorites and asked them to share their fitness routines, game-changing beauty products, snack ideas, and more.

Photo: Instagram
Who: Suzanne Hall, creative director of The Chalkboard
Go-to workout: Yoga, the elliptical, or running intervals in my neighborhood.
Life-changing beauty product: Klorane dry shampoo
Favorite local talent: Turpan inside the Brentwood Country Mart.
Favorite healthy snack: Pressed Juicery Green Brazil Nut
Last meal on earth: German pancake soufflé with real maple syrup.
Top tip for health food noobs: Start small and get hooked on just one thing that makes you feel good to start - green juice, warm water with lemon every morning, or anything on the menu at Cafe Gratitude!

Photo: Instagram
Who: Sophie Jaffe, raw food chef and founder of Philosophie
Go-to workout: Usually a mix of yoga, CrossFit, and my own body weight exercises at home. It's effective and makes me feel strong in a short amount of time. If I have more time, I love a full-power yoga class, or going for a long run or spin class!
Life-changing beauty product: Eyebrow pencils!
Favorite local talent: I heart Le Labo on West 3rd Street. Their fragrances are so unique and intoxicating.
Favorite healthy snack: Chia seed pudding with my philosophie superfoods inside. It's instant energy. Or raw chocolate with my Cacao Magic powder!
Last meal on earth: My mom's baked mac and cheese with browned bread crumbs on top. I still dream about this dish that I haven't had since middle school. I rarely eat cheese or gluten anymore, so if it were my last meal, I'd go all out. For dessert, chocolate.
Top tip for health food noobs: Small changes over time truly add up. Don't get overwhelmed with what you're doing wrong, instead focus on the wins. Take everything in moderation—including moderation!

Photo: Instagram
Who: Kimberly Snyder, celebrity nutritionist and founder of Glow Bio
Go-to workout: Yoga is part of my daily routine, whether it's teaching or practicing on my own. It's extremely grounding, and helps shift the focus away from our regularly crazy-busy LA days! I also love hiking and try to hike through beautiful Runyon Canyon at least a few times a week.
Life-changing beauty product: I love Tarte's Amazonian Clay mascara. I get a lot of compliments on my eyelashes!
Favorite local talent: I like to breeze through Wasteland on Melrose to sell some things and see what's going on.
Favorite healthy snack: Hands down, my Glowing Green Smoothie from Glow Bio on Melrose.
Last meal on earth: I want to go out feeling good! I really love Indian food, so it would probably be a big salad followed by some daal, Basmati rice, and a veggie curry.
Top tip for health food noobs: Take it slow and stay positive. Most times, I see people veer from their quest for healthier eating because they try to take on too much at once. I always say, "Progress, not perfection". If you realize at the beginning that you don't have to be perfect all of the time, but you're making a conscious effort to feed your body the nutrients it needs, it will make the transition to a healthier lifestyle all the easier.

Photo: Instagram
Who: Jordan Younger, blogger at The Balanced Blonde
Go-to workout: I am a yogi at heart, but lately I have been addicted to Orangetheory Fitness! It's a great medley of cardio, strength training, and rowing that gets your heart rate pumping. I'm obsessed!
Life-changing beauty product: Cate McNabb all-natural lipstick. It comes in the prettiest, creamiest colors and lasts all day. I always have at least three in my purse—it's pretty much the only makeup I wear.
Favorite local talent: Jen's Pirate Booty, all the way. (When I'm not in Lululemon, that is.)
Favorite healthy snack: Green smoothies with a little bit of plant-based protein powder. I drink one just about every day.
Last meal on earth: A big, lemony kale salad with lots of fresh salmon and warm sweet potato. Followed by a big, gooey gluten-free brownie with frosting.
Top tip for health food noobs: Find what works for you and what you enjoy most so that you can be consistent. It's not realistic to believe that we can make lasting changes when they don't satisfy us or make us blissfully happy. Eliminate foods from your diet that don't make you feel awesome, and once you start living without them you will be shocked at how much better life is when you feel as good as your body was designed to feel! Also, don't beat yourself up over "mistakes." They happen all the time, and they only make you stronger. That being said, indulge once in a while, in a healthy way. Treating yourself is hugely important. And remember to love yourself.

Photo: Jean Stories
Who: Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice
Go-to workout: Fast-paced walking around Venice while I make work calls.
Life-changing beauty product: Pearl powder and Schizandra berries,
Favorite local talent: Black Crane
Favorite healthy snack: Seaweed
Last meal on earth: A tomato salad made from heirlooms plucked right from the vine, still warm from the sun.
Top tip for health food noobs: Get into it, go wild, try anything that catches your eye, be seduced, fall in love, and have fun.

Photo: Instagram
Who: Barrett Prendergast, chef and founder of Valleybrink Road
Go-to workout: Hike up Bronson Canyon
Life-changing beauty product: Roiel Cosmetics South African Marula Oil. I use it on my face and neck. It is incredible.
Favorite local talent: Individual Medley in Atwater Village
Favorite healthy snack: Fuji apples with Solstice Canyon cardamon and clove almond butter.
Last meal on earth: Something Italian. A big bowl of pasta or lots of bread, cheese, and charcuterie.
Top tip for health food noobs: I think it's all about moderation. Don't say you will NEVER eat something again. Just try and eat a balanced and healthy diet with some indulgences every once and awhile.

Photo: Instagram
Who: Tara Sowlaty, natural foods chef and co-founder of How You Glow
Go-to workout: SoulCycle, Modo Yoga, and hiking. It's cardio craziness, zen stretching, and fresh-air in nature.
Life-changing beauty product: Vitamin E and lavender oil are my secret weapons, major beautifiers, and healing tools. RMS Beauty's coconut oil-based Lip2Cheek is a total game-changer because every girl looks good with a rosy lip and cheek.
Favorite local talent: I want pretty much everything from the Tortoise General Store in Venice for incredible Japanese wares, can't resist Reformation for good basics and dresses, and local flea markets for vintage finds.
Favorite healthy snack: Avocado nori rolls, dates with almond butter and chia seeds, and lots of nuts and seeds. Also, dark chocolate with hazelnuts.
Last meal on earth: A multi-course Japanese meal including sushi, ramen, soba, and Quil Fait Bon Japanese tarts to end it off. Or the beef pot pie from Chi Spacca!
Top tip for health food noobs: Start and end your day with warm water with lemon—you'll feel so good. Being healthy is all about balance, eating a wide variety of foods, and listening to your body and understanding what makes it feel most vibrant.

Photo: Instagram
Who: Jessie Groveman, yoga instructor and co-founder of How You Glow
Go-to workout: Yoga, hiking, and dancing to club bangers.
Life-changing beauty product: Coconut oil, rose water spray, ad RMS Beauty's Living Luminizer.
Favorite local talent: Scout for vintage, Reformation, Creatures of Comfort, and Mohawk General Store.
Favorite healthy snack: Frozen dates, bananas, coconut almond milk smoothies, radishes with hummus, and avocado toast.
Last meal on earth: Probably a never-ending sushi Omakase in Japan somewhere. Or anything made with love by my mom.
Top tip for health food noobs: 1) Drink lots of warm water with lemon, and 2) Instead of restricting yourself, enjoy everything in moderation. Have healthy be the norm but feel free to vacillate for pleasure.

Photo by Elizabeth Daniels
Who: Diana Garcia, artist and former co-owner of Another Kind of Sunrise
Go-to workout: Studio Surya Yoga in Venice.
Life-changing beauty product: Water and neutral soup, 8hrs of sleep, exercise, a healthy diet, love, and finding purpose in life.
Favorite local talent: The ocean!
Favorite healthy snack: Green juice, black olives, raw parmesan cheese, avocado oil potatoes chips from Good Health Natural Foods and chipotle hummus from Roots.
Last meal on earth: A Kale salad with baby tomatoes, avocado, black olives, sunflower seeds, raw parmesan cheese, sea salt, pepper and lime/oil dressing.
Top tip for health food noobs: Have a hot water with a clove of garlic and lime first thing in the morning to help the immune system.
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