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An LA Stylist's Top Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

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You've pledged to have a spectacular year in the sack, at the gym, and in LA's great outdoors, so let's circle back to your abode—particularly, your wardrobe. Whether you've still got some blinged-out tracksuits stashed in the back, you're convinced that last year's printastic pieces would make great vintage gems one day, or your closet has you feeling all like this and this, it's time to take a long, hard look in the mirror inside your dressers and make way for this year's merch.

To help you detach from your well-worn duds, we've enlisted local stylist and pro closet editor Dana Goldenberg to let us in on her wardrobe-cleaning expertise. Up ahead, find the vintage-obsessed stylist's top six ways to make more parking space for your newest sartorial additions.

1. Consider your fashion objective and what is realistic for your lifestyle. I am all about playing around with fashion but I also want people to feel great in their "daily armor," meaning it has to make sense with their daily and weekly routines. With clients, I like to understand their current look and in what style direction they would like to proceed. Some people want to simplify things and some people want to go in a more stylized direction.These things are important to know before getting rid of articles of clothing.

Stylish boutique owner Stacey Todd's closet. Photo: Elizabeth Daniels

2. Be honest with yourself when going through your closet. What pieces don't really fit, and which ones have you not worn in the last year? Be ready to toss those pieces and try not to hang on to things. Also, any wardrobe items that have hard-to-remove stains should be taken to the cleaners or tossed.

3. Try on items. I encourage clients to try on pieces that they are unsure about or haven't worn in a while but still love. You might fall in love with something all over again, or decide it just doesn't fit, so toss that in the reject pile.

4. Organize, organize, organize. Rearrange your pieces in a way that is easiest for you to access and creates more space—that way, you can actually see everything you own. This will create more efficiency when getting dressed for any situation. I like to fold sweaters so as to not ruin the shape and organize jeans into an order that makes sense for tanks, shirts, long sleeves, and dresses. You will start to understand what items are missing from your wardrobe and what you have a year's supply of.

A peek inside actress Olga Valentina's closet. Photo: Elizabeth Daniels
5. Shop your closet. Play around with the wardrobe items that are left and make a list of new things that are more pertinent, and then a dream list. Pinterest is a fun and easy way to create an inspiration board of looks you enjoy.

6. Finally, get rid of your castoffs. You can give away items to friends, or do a little consignment or eBay action. Sites like TheRealReal or even eBay can help you get rid of more expensive items and earn you more dinero for your shopping budget. You can also take the remainders to a Goodwill store—just make sure to get a receipt for tax credit next year!
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